Why History Buffs Love Virginia

History is one of the most exciting things you can study.  Unwrapping the past and exploring what brought us all to where we are today can make you feel more connected to the country and its people.

Of all of the places you can connect to history: Virginia is one of the best.  These are the top reasons why history buffs love Virginia and what it means to live here.

The Thousands of Years of History

Virginia has been a lived-in and well-loved piece of land for thousands of years.  The earliest sign of life in Virginia is from 18,000 years ago, and Spanish colonizers first made their way to the area just 500 years ago.  The history is apparent in every city you visit, where you’ll pass dozens and dozens of historical markers that can tell you about something important that happened where you’re standing.

Visiting Jamestown

The nice thing about Virginia is if you grab one of the many Richmond apartments for rent, you can enjoy living within an hour of historic areas like Jamestown.  This is one of the first colonized areas of the nation and an incredible place to learn and study what life was like back then.

Although most of this area is ruins that you have to be creative to envision the full form of, the fire that ravaged Jamestown is an incredible piece of history to learn about while you’re exploring the location where it happened.

Incredible Museums

There are so many incredible museums in Virginia that you could check out a different one every day and never run out of interesting new things to see.  This isn’t all government history. Some of these museums walk you through the history of black people in America or what the frontier was like.  If you’re interested in nature, you can even check out the Atlantic Wildfowl Heritage Museum, which has a great rundown on the importance of these animals in nature.

Living Interactions With History

Virginia gives everyone the chance to connect better with the past!  From the countless museums to places like Colonial Williamsburg!  These living museums allow you to literally walk among history and watch how people would have lived in the 1600s!  From period-accurate garb to goods and skills that are still sold and acted out, this is a fantastic place to go and see history in motion.

Iconic Landmarks

It’s no secret that Virginia is full of landmarks and important symbolism that help define this country.  From historic trails to the Arlington Cemetery, there are countless destinations and locations for anyone to explore.  Some destinations, like George Washington’s Mount Vernon estate, are open to the public and able to be explored.  It’s refreshing and interesting to explore an area where the first president lived while you learn about his past.

Virginia is for History Lovers

If you’re ready to dive deep into the most interesting state in the country: it’s time to get to know Virginia.  You’ll find something for everyone here, so get the most out of it while you visit!

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