Window cleaning secrets: what you need to know?

Any good housewife makes sure that the windows are clean. Windows are usually cleaned every 3 months. However, if your housing is located on the 1st floor, it is likely that the glass needs to be cleaned more often, because a large amount of dust particles and other contaminants get on them. Many people know the methods of washing windows, but not everyone does it correctly.

If you have neither the strength nor the time to wash the glass yourself, entrust this matter to professionals who provide window cleaning services at the highest level.

What you need – preparation for cleaning windows

  • Sponge. One side of the sponge should have more rigidity. Thanks to this, you will be able to easily remove the stubborn dirt.
  • Glass cleaner. Another name is “screed”, “squeeze”. The device can have a long handle, in which case you do not need to climb furniture, window sills. It is especially convenient to use devices that have a sponge on one side, a screed on the other.
  • Cleansing products. About the selection of means for washing window surfaces will be written below.
  • A piece of dry material. It is possible to use cotton, suede, linen fabric. It should absorb liquid perfectly.
  • Water. It is necessary to dissolve the cleaning agent for rinsing window surfaces in water.

Remove unnecessary things from the windowsill (flower pots, vases, appliances). Put the necessary equipment within reach. Do not pour a large amount of water into the container, otherwise the liquid will spill. Decide how you will clean the outside of the glass. It is recommended to use a separate sponge.

It is desirable to carry out washing when it is cloudy and calm outside, otherwise the window will dry out quickly, it will not work to wash it without streaks.

Stages of washing window surfaces

  1. Frame cleaning. Washing the window surface should always begin with cleaning the frame.
  2. Cleaning from major contaminants. Wet the sponge in the water mixed with the cleaner, wipe the glass surface well, moving the sponge towards the underside. Do not forget that most of the dirt is in the areas where the glass meets the frame. Swipe the sponge along the window perimeter, pressing hard on it. When you wash the outside of the plastic window, use a brush with a long handle. Follow the safety rules, do not move too abruptly.
  3. Final wash. To wipe dry, you will need a glass cleaner. Move the coupler over the glass, starting from the top. The angle of inclination should be twenty to thirty degrees. It is necessary to move the device horizontally, overlapping the clean area by 2-3 cm. Wipe the cutter of the cleaner dry after the passage. Wet cutting leaves streaks on the glass surface. It is possible to use not only rags, but also various newspapers.

Features of cleaning windows in the house

Currently, there are many detergents and devices for cleaning window surfaces. In order for the windows not to have turbidity and scratches, they must be properly and timely looked after.

Usually cleaning takes place in two stages. First you need to wash the windows with a dry method. Glasses and window sills are cleaned of dust deposits with a dry cloth that removes dust well and does not damage windows, and antistatic.

This is followed by wet cleaning. It is carried out by special chemicals that perfectly dissolve dirt, but are not at all dangerous for people and their pets.

PVC windows are cleaned at least 2 times a year. Usually they wash only the outer sides, because dust does not penetrate inside the windows.

Cleaning windows after installation

Have you installed new windows or want to put the perfect order in the room? We’ll show you how to do it step by step:

  • glass washing from the inside and outside;
  • removal of dust and local pollution from window sills;
  • washing the front and end of the frame;
  • removal of contaminants from slopes.

Washing after repair or installation often also requires the removal of mounting tape and sticky traces from it. This is a labor-intensive job, the implementation of which requires additional efforts.

Why choose professional window cleaners?

Professional window cleaners – a team of experienced professionals who are ready to provide the client with any type of cleaning services at any time. They will quickly and efficiently wash the windows in your home or office. They are equipped with all the necessary equipment to quickly cope with the task without endangering themselves. Here you can find a professional window cleaning

Professional window cleaners will not only quickly cope with the task, but also save you from unnecessary trouble, and you can devote this time to your family or other more important matters.

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