YANSEN DDR4 SO-DIMM: Rapid Memory Modules for Commercial CF Card Uses


The high-speed DDR4 SO-DIMM memory modules from YANSEN set new benchmarks for memory technology performance and dependability. These modules, which are perfect for industrial CF card applications because they are expertly engineered and superbly designed, are at the forefront of high-performance memory solutions innovation.

Cutting Edge Technology
The advanced design of YANSEN DDR4 SO-DIMM modules includes 8 pieces of 512M x 8, 1024M x 8, 2G x 8, and 2G x 16 bits DDR4 SDRAM in FBGA packaging, as well as a 4K bits Serial EEPROM, all of which are mounted on a 260-pin printed circuit board. In order to satisfy the needs of tough settings, this powerful architecture guarantees maximum performance and durability for industrial CF card applications.

For Accurate Control, Synchronous Design
YANSEN DDR4 SO-DIMM modules have synchronous designs that allow for accurate cycle management by utilizing the system clock. This guarantees ideal synchronization and processing efficiency, improving system performance overall in industrial CF card configurations.

High Performance and Bandwidth
For high-bandwidth, high-performance memory system applications in industrial CF card installations, YANSEN DDR4 SO-DIMM modules offer unmatched adaptability with a range of operating frequencies and customizable latencies. These modules fulfill the exacting specifications of industrial settings with their outstanding performance and dependability, regardless of the data-intensive jobs or complex computer operations they are used for.


To sum up, the highest quality memory modules available are YANSEN DDR4 SO-DIMM high-speed memory modules, which provide superior performance and dependability for industrial CF card applications. Discover new options for industrial computing demands by utilizing the strength and dependability of YANSEN DDR4 SO-DIMM modules.


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