How to Get Ready for Your IPL Treatment

A minimally invasive technique known as an intense pulsed light photo facial is one of the most popular ways to improve the appearance of your skin. You may say goodbye to the effects of sun damage, hyperpigmentation, fine wrinkles, and an uneven complexion with the help of this light-based therapy. You can then take pleasure in a youthful glow that is free from the signs of aging, redness, and dark spots.

When you’re prepared to experience the advantages of IPL therapy in Torrance, CA, you can make an appointment with an experienced specialist. After that, all that’s left to do is go through this quick but efficient procedure to get back to looking young.

Avoid being in the sun’s direct rays

You must take extra precautions not to expose your skin to UV radiation before your session because IPL therapy uses high-energy light pulses. As soon as you decide to undergo an IPL photo-facial, we advise avoiding exposure to the sun. If you must go outside, use sunscreen with at least an SPF of 30. To get the most out of an IPL treatment, you can also apply a moisturizer with an SPF of 30 or higher.

One week before your treatment, stop exfoliating

IPL treatment causes controlled harm to skin flaws using high-energy light pulses. Don’t rub your skin prior to ensure that the therapy is gentle. One essential step in understanding how to be ready for an IPL photo-facial is to cease exfoliating a week before your procedure. This potential modification to your regular skin care regimen will help prevent your skin from becoming unduly irritated, flushed, or blistered following your treatment. As a result, it also contributes to maintaining the advantage of little to no downtime following the process.

Never apply any type of tanning product to your skin

If you like the look of being always tanned, you might like utilizing tanning products at home. However, despite how appealing these self-tanning procedures may appear, their general makeup may interfere with your IPL photo-facial treatment. In light of this, avoid using self-tanning products for at least a month before your IPL treatment to enable the best possible targeting of your skin flaws. It significantly contributes to you receiving the intended advantages of IPL treatment.

On the day of treatment, refrain from wearing makeup

Direct skin access is essential for IPL photo-facial in order for it to function properly and prevent unneeded difficulties. Your face should be thoroughly cleaned and devoid of any makeup or other items when you come for your session. You will have a short, delicate, and comprehensive facial cleansing on the day of your visit to get ready for the procedure.

Obey your dermatologist’s recommendations

IPL phototherapy is a risk-free procedure with minimal side effects. Before this operation, you should still have a personal consultation with a licensed dermatologist to ensure you can receive a treatment plan unique to your skin tone and addresses your particular needs. Additionally, you will receive tailored instructions to follow both before and after your treatment at this stage. You will therefore have a personalized preparation plan for an IPL photo facial.

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