Who’s the Strongest Witch in Charmed

Who’s the Strongest Witch in Charmed

Charmed is a late 90s TV show that won the hearts of many with its captivating storyline and relatable characters. It starred the Halliwell sisters, a group of fictional witches protecting the innocent from dark magic. Each sister had unique supernatural abilities; Piper could freeze objects and people, Phoebe saw and experienced future events, and Paige could move objects with her mind. Note that the series has dozens of witches; here are four of the most powerful.

Paige Matthews

Paige is the fourth Charmed one and a half-sister to the Halliwell witches. At first, she wasn’t aware of her legacy and supernatural abilities since she separated from her sisters. She raised herself, which explains her extremely independent and rebellious character.

According to Charmed showrunner Brad Kern, she’s among the most powerful characters since her abilities manifest in multiple ways. She can heal, manipulate light, change her appearance, become invisible, and understand all languages. Being the Whitelighter’s daughter, she inherited her father’s selfless nature and is dedicated to helping others in any way possible. She goes out of her way in more ways than one to help her sisters throughout the series.

Mel Vera

If there’s one particular thing about Mel Vera is her passion and outspokenness toward what she cares about. She is among the strongest witches in the Charmed universe as she portrays a leadership role among the sisters.

Mel was close to Piper Halliwell, and her supernatural ability was “freezing” things around her. As the show progresses, her powers develop into temporal acceleration and even time travel. Mel could stop moving things and heat them up and explode them using molecular acceleration. The only limitation to her power dominance is the lack of active combat experience.

Piper Halliwell

Piper is the second-oldest Halliwell sister. She’s the epitome of a middle child as her character is caring, stabilizing, and maternal with some pinch of quick wit and sarcasm. After Prue’s death, she steps up to take leadership among the Charmed ones, which sees her grow into one of the most powerful sorcerers.

Piper’s supernatural abilities started with molecular immobilization. She later learns molecular manipulation, including molecular acceleration, molecular combustion, and energy deflection. Adding these powers to her combat experience makes Piper Halliwell a mighty witch.


In the Charmed universe, Neena is the most powerful and influential witch. She’s the matriarch of a long line of spell casters from warlocks, witches, and sorcerers. According to the story, Neena was more than a witch. She could tap into Nexus to unlock her true power; it made her invulnerable and immortal. As a witch, she is magic-resistant and brags about power negation, elemental manipulation, and absorption.

Charmed introduced dozens of witches in the eight seasons it aired. Surprisingly, despite being the show’s main characters, the Halliwell sisters were not the most powerful. Neena was the strongest witch as she could harness the power of Nexus in addition to her witch abilities. Note that she can also cancel or counter the powers of other witches.

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