Unleash Your Adventure: Conquer the Golden Deserts with Dubai Dune Buggy Tour

Unleash Your Adventure: Conquer the Golden Deserts with Dubai Dune Buggy Tour

Experience an exhilarating dune drive in our powerful dune buggies in the golden deserts of the United Arab Emirates. Hold on to your seats while our vehicles traverse the magnificent rippled golden dunes.

At the start point, you will find our colorful dune buggies all lined up & waiting to offer you the ultimate thrill of self-drive. After a safety briefing, we will take you on a roller-coaster ride for an hour in a convoy in these powerful manual geared & automatic buggies far into the pristine dunes. Get ready to experience a desert adventure like none other!

With a couple of breaks for refreshments and photo ops, we will end your buggy ride with sand boarding! Our powerful purpose built 1500cc, 2000cc, 3000cc dune buggies are designed with 100% reliability and stability on sand.

 At the same time, they are equipped with roll cages, safety harnesses, bucket seats, fire extinguisher, helmets, and a backup vehicle (with mechanical support) to give you an uninterrupted and safe ride.

Early Bird Tour (Sunrise with Buggy Adventure)

Rising early before dawn can be a bit of a hassle but it’s definitely worth the effort! We will transfer you nice and early to the edge of the desert where you will be taken on top of a big dune deep in the mystical desert, overlooking other dunes for the most mesmerizing view of the desert sunrise. It is one of those perfect and serene moments to get lost in time with your loved one.

For all those trigger-happy photographers hungry for such magical moments – we bet you will beam brighter than the morning sun. This is followed by with a light breakfast box, and you will wind up this trip with an exhilarating dune buggy self-drive experience.

Our custom-built manual transmission 1500cc dune buggies and 2000cc, 3000cc automatic buggies complete with roll cages, safety harnesses, bucket seats, fire extinguisher, helmets, and a backup vehicle (with mechanical support) to give you an hour long uninterrupted and safe ride.

Have fun following the lead vehicle in a convoy as per our safety instructions up and down the wonderful dunes of the Emirates. That part should definitely wake you up! If that’s not enough, try surfing the sand dunes with our Sandboarding experience as well.

Dune Riders Absolute (Dune Buggy Overnight Adventure)

Spending a night in the desert is an experience worth looking forward to. We’ll head to the mystical Arabian Desert where you will ride on one of our custom dune buggies on an hour-long convoy drive. Feel the excitement as you try out the loops and dips in the open desert. The dune buggy program also includes stops for your photo sessions and a sand boarding experience.

This is followed by an evening BBQ dinner at our exclusive camping spot with traditional Majlis style seating, cut away from the rest of the concrete world. Share your thoughts with your company by the campfire and get ready for a tasty Arabic BBQ Dinner.

Once you have had your fill of the BBQ dinner, relax over a flavoured shisha as we set up your igloo tent& sleeping arrangements. Gaze at the brilliant stars; experience the serenity of the desert and wake up to the aroma of the continental breakfast specially prepared for you. Have your fill & then depart for Dubai with cherished memories.

An Arabian Dream (Premium Overnight Package)

You will embark on a special overnight experience like no other. You will experience the dune drive in an exclusive 4WD over the beautiful dunes. Visit a camel farm. Deep in this mystical desert, there is a beautiful Arabian Bedouin tent setup awaiting your presence.

Let the golden rays of the setting sun wash you as you step into an exclusive setting with carpets, cushions, tiki torches, sheesha and authentic Arabic Majlis style low seating under the starry sky, away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Smoke the flavoured sheesha in the comfort of our exclusive tent setup and relax.

Sip a cup of hot Arabic coffee and enjoy the delicious dates from a nearby farm. As the night draws in, stroll on the cool sand, or sit by the campfire and share stories while we prepare a delicious BBQ dinner for you with a selection of salads and other exciting surprises.

Watch a million stars in the sky and if you are lucky, you might just happen to see a shooting star to make a wish upon. We will set up sleeping bags for you as the evening draws to a close.

After enjoying a delicious continental breakfast, you will be taken on a scenic drive through the countryside to see some of the local landmarks. Once you have had your fill of the beautiful scenery, you will be brought back to your hotel.

Book your Dune buggy tour with Regal Tours: https://www.regaltoursuae.com/dune-buggy-rental-dubai/.

If you are looking for something special in the form of a private moment with your special someone, then look at our exclusive customizable package – Dune for You. This is package is only limited by your imagination and created for those who are looking for exclusivity and privacy in their intimate moments.

Create your own desert adventure with the various options that can be provided. We will provide you with an exclusive 4WD pickup to a beautiful corner in the middle of the vast Arabian Desert. Hold onto your breath as the licensed and experienced off road coordinators drive up and down over the beautiful golden dunes of the Emirates.

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