Egress Window Replacement

Egress Window Replacement

Window replacement is a vital renovation project that can help transform your home and be an investment for the homeowner. Every part of the home qualifies to replace the windows, including the basement. Most homeowners need to pay more attention to their basements’ condition and upgrade.

Egress openings will be a good replacement option if you consider renovating your basement. The egress windows serve as windows for the exit and emergency exit. As a homeowner, you should familiarize yourself with egress openings before you have them in your basement. Here is everything you need to know about egress window replacement.

  1. What Is An Egress Opening?

An egress opening is an exit that is wide enough to offer an easy and fast emergency exit. The size of an egress opening, whether a door or a window, is determined by the local building authorities, and every homeowner should follow this guideline to avoid falling on the wrong side of the law.

The measurements and exact dimensions may differ depending on the space occupied by the structure. Getting a professional who understands the law governing these measurements is crucial if you want to start your window replacement project.

The glass area of an egress opening should also be of specific dimensions relative to the size of the structure. This requirement is to help achieve as much natural light as possible and offer ventilation.

Most homeowners use casement windows for their egress openings in the basement. The casement windows can easily be customized to meet the dimension requirements for the egress opening.

  1. Why Do You Need An Egress Opening In The Basement?

Every homeowner or property owner needs an egress opening in their basement. If your basement is divided into several portions or rooms, then each of these rooms or portions should have its egress opening.

If your basement has an existing egress opening, you need to make an effort to meet the egress opening requirements when you get the new replacement windows for renovation purposes.

The egress opening must be visible from the outside and assessable without struggle. This means that the area near the egress opening should be well cleared, and if possible, avoid placing furniture or objects there unless they are meant to aid easy access. All these are requirements to allow easy access and exit in an emergency like a fire.

You can design the egress opening, considering your needs and ensuring you meet the requirements of your window renovation or upgrade. Always seek professional help to advise on the process and clarify anything you need help understanding.

You can also take advantage of the egress opening requirements to add an extra touch of style and customization to your Windows upgrade.

  1. When Are You Supposed To Get Egress Windows?

Having an egress opening is a basic rule for everyone who owns a building. Generally, the egress openings should be placed the first time the building is built, but this needs to be implemented.

Most old buildings may not have egress openings since the requirement was optional at some point. However, if you realize that your current home or property does not have an egress opening, it is wise to schedule an appointment to install it.

This will help you avoid falling into the wrong hand of the law just in case of an inspection or uncertainties.

Remember that in case of a fire emergency or any other emergency that may, unfortunately, cost you the loss of your life or a loved one, your life assurance may be denied just because you didn’t have an egress opening. This may be considered carelessness, and anyone would love to experience it, especially after a life is lost.

  1. What Is The Difference If Egress Opens From The Convectional Windows?

The most apparent difference between egress openings and convectional windows is the size. The egress opening is more significant in size for easy exit.

Another difference is in the structure and design. For instance, a standard basement window is around 1.5 inches from the floor. An egress opening may be the same height, but the difference is that it should have a step built below it. This step will be to aid in easy access and exit.

Basement windows only comply with a few measurement requirements, which is necessary for egress openings.

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