Hairstyles For Those With Short Hair

Hairstyles For Those With Short Hair

There are several types of hairstyles for those with short hair , not to mention that it is very easy to do, as the hairs are smaller, it is much easier to handle them. Straight and short hair is infallible among Brazilian women, this is the famous classic type, but you can’t keep the same “face” at all events, right?

To help you always innovate in your hairstyle, let’s give you some tips. The secret is in the products that you can use as ointment, flat iron, gel, barrettes, scarves, bright spots, headbands, hairpins, brooches, bands, headbands and you can even make a topknot. Tip: abuse the accessories. You can combine them on different occasions and also use the same in different ways.

If your short is the traditional type (male cut and no secret), you can split it on the side leaving it messy or tidy. Another thing to differentiate it is to shape the ends over the face, with the help of the ointment.

For this summer, the famous Joãozinho has everything. If you have short hair with bangs, whipped at the back of the neck and shredded, the ideal hairstyle for you is (using ointment): with the help of the blow dryer with the jet facing upwards, hair thrown to the side and also upwards and to the side, but if you prefer, you can also throw the wires forward.


These are the two hairstyles for those with short hair that are more practical, quick and that will set you apart on several occasions.

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