ALFA’s Cylinder Wiggle Stool – POG Stool: The Epitome of a Comfortable Single Sofa

ALFA presents the Cylinder Wiggle Stool, also known as the POG Stool—a versatile and comfortable seating option that combines style and functionality. Designed to provide utmost comfort, this stool is the epitome of a comfortable single sofa. With a choice of high-quality fabric or high-quality PU leather cover material, ALFA ensures a luxurious seating experience. The internal construction includes environmentally friendly 15mm thick plywood and high-quality sponge, creating a supportive and cozy seat.

Premium Cover Materials for Style and Durability

The Cylinder Wiggle Stool – POG Stool by ALFA offers a choice between high-quality fabric and high-quality PU leather cover materials. The fabric option provides a soft and inviting texture, while the PU leather option adds a touch of sophistication and is easy to clean. Both materials are selected for their durability, ensuring that the stool can withstand regular use in various settings. ALFA’s attention to detail in material selection guarantees a comfortable and long-lasting single sofa experience for users.

Environmentally Friendly Construction for Peace of Mind

ALFA’s commitment to sustainability and user well-being is evident in the construction of the Cylinder Wiggle Stool – POG Stool. The internal structure of this cylinder sofa is made of high-quality, environmentally friendly 15mm thick plywood, providing a sturdy foundation. The use of high-quality sponge ensures optimal cushioning and support. Moreover, the manufacturing process employs benzene-free adhesive to bond the sponge and fabric or PU leather cover, eliminating the use of harmful substances. The absence of waste liners further exemplifies ALFA’s dedication to an eco-friendly approach.


ALFA’s cylinder sofa is the perfect choice for those seeking a comfortable single sofa that combines style, durability, and sustainability. With the option of high-quality fabric or high-quality PU leather cover materials, users can personalize their seating experience. The environmentally friendly construction, featuring 15mm thick plywood and high-quality sponge, guarantees optimal support and comfort.

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