Benefits of moving to charleston, SC

If you are seeking a change of location, scenery and a city with a slower lifestyle, then Charleston, SC is for you. This town is unique and different from other places in South Carolina. You can easily enjoy your life and things are a bit slower here than in neighboring cities.

However, don’t confuse the slow-paced life in the city with negativity, there are many job opportunities, restaurants, bars and clubs in the city. The coastline in Charleston makes moving to the place a great idea.

This article will talk about moving to Charleston, SC and the adoof moving to charleston, Read on.

Things to consider before moving to Charleston, SC

If you have made up your mind to live in Charleston, here are some things to have in mind :

Get a reliable moving service

When moving, it’s important to hire a reliable moving company that will cater for moving all your goods. If Charleston is your destination, Miracle Movers Charleston remains a credible moving company that can take you to the city. Their customer service is great and prices are what you can afford.

Forward your mail

When leaving for Charleston, SC permanently, and you get lots of emails, you might need to register with the USPS for all your mail forwarding to the city. This will redirect all mails to your new destination. You can do this via the USPS website or talk to your post office.

Sell or share your belongings

Since it isn’t all your belongings you will be taking over to Charleston, you must sell them off or donate them to people. If you need cash, you can list some of your items on eBay and Craigslist to sell them off.

Why should you move to Charleston, SC?

There are numerous benefits of moving to Charleston, here are some of them :

Beautiful landscape

If you are a lover of appealing sites and beautiful scenery, then Charleston is a great place you will love to move to. You will see several barrier islands with cool shores.

Also, you will find many stores, farms and various agricultural areas. There are so many nice hills, valleys and streams in the city.

Cheaper Gas taxes

People seeking cheaper transportation costs and standard of living generally will love Charleston. The taxes on Gastis are less than in other cities in South Carolina. You can get fuel for as low as 21.15 cents per gallon. This is one of the cheapest you can get in the country. Asides gas taxes, people who are considered responsible are given tax rebates.

Nice weather conditions

The weather in Charleston is very nice and enjoyable all year round. There are sunny days and the humidity level is perfect when compared to other cities. The city sometimes has hot weather which a walk to the beach will help solve.

Less Traffic

Unlike other cities in the state, Charleston doesn’t suffer from much gridlock traffic. Within minutes, the road is free and you can continue your journey.

Education system

If you are considering studying or you are bringing your kids to Charleston, you have come to the right place. This city boasts of some of the best schools both high school and tertiary education. Their teaching staff are highly experienced with up-to-date facilities for everyone.

Amazing outdoor activities

There are many places to visit in Charleston, SC because it is the place that houses many trendy bars and clubs. You can visit many sandy beaches, have a drink at a local pub, visit the zoo and enjoy their nightlife.

Places to visit in Charleston, SC

Here are some places that make living in charleston a great idea :

The Battery

You can’t live in Charleston without visiting this place. If you move around the southern tip of the city you will find the rainbow row which overlooks the charleston harbor. This area attracts many tourists from around the city.

Charleston walking tours

Charleston is more like a great museum because it is home to many cultures. If you want to learn more about the history of Charleston, you will have to visit city tours. You will find the Two sister tours, walks of charleston and charleston footprints great places to see in the city.

Waterfront Park

This area spans about 11 acres and is situated a mile from the battery.

The Waterfront in Charleston is very popular among the locals since its opening in 1990. It’s a place where you take good pictures while chilling around the pineapple fountain.


Moving to a great city like Charleston is a nice decision for people who desire low tax rates. There are also some great places you would love to see in the city, much better transportation and a stress-free lifestyle. Using a reliable moving service to transport your packages is recommended for safety and comfort reasons.

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