Child booster seat: Never forget about safety!

Convertible seats help the child get into an elevated position. It is generally used by small kids while having their meals during lunch, breakfast or dinner. Many parents even use them for their children as safety car seats. It is purposely made for children’s safety and to protect them from any kind of injury during car accidents. It is often purchased and fixed by the car owners, but nowadays, the government has to approve the booster seat before anyone sets it in their car because the car seats are now defined by the children’s age, weight, and height.

Why is it necessary to fix it properly?

To ensure proper child safety, it is essential to fix the car seat correctly and appropriately. Although nowadays, most people are still using convertible seats, they are still unable to use it properly. Many researchers have proved that people are not correctly installing and using these safety seats. For this, many experts are helping by giving demonstrative videos, reference cards along with the seats and even classes for those using these seats for the first time.

How are they placed?

These seats are placed on other regular chairs, keeping them safe. A child must be five years old and weigh more than 40 pounds to use a convertible seat. A parent needs to look at the height and weight limits of various convertible seats while purchasing it. Not only age and weight but also maturity of a child is to be kept in mind before using a convertible seat. The child should be mature enough to sit in a convertible seat.

Difference between a high chair and a convertible seat:

People nowadays get confused between a high chair and a convertible seat. The main difference between these two is that a high chair is usually fixed on the floor, whereas a convertible seat is a small seat that has to be fitted on top of any chair. People nowadays get confused regarding buying a high chair for kids or convertible seats. They must know that purchasing a convertible seat or a high chair depends entirely on the child’s age. The child has to be trained to sit on a high chair before shifting to a convertible seat. The most common age for using a high chair is between 18 months-3 years. When the kids finally learn to sit upright on their high chairs, they can gradually shift to a convertible seat.

Different kinds of seat people prefer:

People usually prefer buying high-back convertible seats. Also, backless convertible seats are not very expensive. It is cheaper in comparison to other types of chairs, costing around $14.00. Although backless seats are cheaper, they provide less protection than convertible seats, as they are much more comfortable and have a vision side impact. So, a child can be exposed to more danger in a backless convertible seat during accidents, as around 25% of the accidents are side-impact crashes, which lead to many severe accidents if the child is seated in a backless convertible seat.

Is it necessary in Australia?

Usually, in Australia, children between 6 months to 4 years use convertible seats while travelling in their cars. It is essential for children living in Australia to use a rear-facing or a forward-facing booster seat while travelling. The children between 6 months – 4 years use a rear-facing convertible seat, whereas a child between 4 and 7 years has to use a forward-facing convertible seat as it usually has an inbuilt harness along with it or maybe has a verified convertible seat. So, a parent must remember to use a rear-facing convertible seat first and then use a forward-facing convertible seat.

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