DAYA’s Made-to-Measure Shower Tray: Being Consistent with Customers’ Individual Styles

DAYA is a well-known brand in the sanitary industry, known for high-quality and innovative products. After extensive research and development, their team have created a perfect solution-the made-to-measure shower tray, which has been thoughtfully designed with both functionality and quality in mind. You can believe that it will bring you a comfortable and wonderful life.

Customized Options

When it comes to shower trays, DAYA offers various customization options. Customers can choose from different sizes and shapes to fit their specific needs and preferences. In addition to shape and size options, customers can also select from different colors for their shower trays. From sleek black to classic white or even textured patterns, there is something to suit every style preference.

With all these choices available, customers can create a bathroom space that reflects their individual tastes and needs. The ability to customize ensures that each product is tailored specifically for them-making their bathroom truly unique.

Absolute Safety

When designing bathroom products, safety is always a primary concern. To ensure this, DAYA has incorporated slip-resistant surfaces and antibacterial features into their made-to-measure shower trays, which not only reduces the risk of accidents, but also promotes a safe environment for showering. With such a made-to-measure shower tray, the safety of taking a shower will be greatly enhanced.


As a leading shower tray manufacturer, DAYA is constantly pushing the boundaries of innovation and technology to stay ahead in the industry. In the future, they will strive to Choose DAYA as your preferred supplier for made-to-measure shower trays combined with experience exceptional quality and outstanding service.


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