Draw Textured Yarn in India: A Tutorial/Guide

India is a leading producer of draw textured yarn (DTY), which plays a crucial role in the textile industry. This article aims to provide an overview of DTY and its significance in India.

Hengli and Draw Textured Yarn

Hengli Group, one of the largest polyester manufacturers globally, has made significant contributions to the production of draw textured yarn in India. With their advanced technology and expertise, Hengli has helped revolutionize the Indian textile sector by introducing high-quality DTY products.

The Process of Draw Texturing Yarn

The process of draw texturing yarn involves several steps. Firstly, polyester chips are melted and extruded through spinnerets to form continuous filaments. These filaments are then stretched using hot air or steam jets to orient them along their length. Subsequently, they undergo a heat setting process that imparts stability and texture to the yarn.

The Advantages of Draw Textured Yarn

Draw textured yarn offers numerous advantages for both manufacturers and consumers. It provides excellent elasticity, making it suitable for stretchable fabrics like sportswear and activewear. Additionally, DTY exhibits good dyeability properties, allowing vibrant colors to be achieved during fabric production.

Innovation in Draw Textured Yarn Production

Indian textile companies have been actively involved in research and development efforts to enhance draw textured yarn production techniques. They aim to improve efficiency while reducing energy consumption during manufacturing processes. Such innovations contribute towards sustainable practices within the industry.

The Future Scope for Draw Textured Yarn

With increasing demand for comfortable yet stylish clothing worldwide, there is immense potential for further growth in the draw textured yarn market. Indian manufacturers, supported by companies like Hengli Group, are well-positioned to meet this demand and continue driving innovation in DTY production.


Draw textured yarn has become an integral part of India’s textile industry, thanks to advancements made by companies like Hengli Group. The country’s expertise in DTY production, coupled with ongoing research and development efforts, ensures a promising future for this versatile yarn type.

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