Edan’s Cutting-Edge Hospital Vital Monitor Solutions: Innovating Patient Care

Edan‘s commitment to revolutionizing patient care is exemplified through its comprehensive range of hospital vital monitor solutions. By prioritizing innovation and advanced technology, Edan continues to introduce new methodologies and concepts, setting the industry standard for vital monitoring in hospital settings. With a diverse portfolio of cutting-edge products, Edan remains dedicated to providing healthcare facilities with reliable and advanced vital monitoring tools, ensuring that patients receive optimal care and attention throughout their hospital stay.

iM3 Vital Monitor: Redefining Patient Monitoring Standards with Advanced Features

Edan’s iM3 Vital Monitor represents the pinnacle of modern patient monitoring technology, featuring an ultra-slim design, an intuitive touch screen interface, and a comprehensive suite of innovative features. With its capability for SpO2, NIBP, and temperature monitoring, the iM3 serves as a versatile solution for both continuous monitoring and spot-check applications, empowering healthcare professionals with a reliable tool for comprehensive patient assessment and management.

Enhancing Workflow Efficiency: Edan’s Unique Round Mode for Streamlined Patient Management

With the unique Round Mode functionality, Edan’s iM3 Vital Monitor simplifies patient management by allowing seamless importation of patient maps and easy data retrieval. The color-coded measuring statuses on the patient map enable healthcare professionals to quickly assess and monitor patients across the ward, streamlining the workflow and ensuring efficient and comprehensive patient care within hospital environments.


Edan’s continuous dedication to technological advancements and patient-centric solutions underscores the company’s commitment to advancing patient care. With a focus on reliability, innovation, and user-friendly design, Edan’s hospital vital monitor solutions continue to redefine the standards for efficient and comprehensive patient monitoring, ensuring that healthcare professionals have the necessary tools to deliver exceptional care to patients in hospital settings.


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