Instructions on  How to play To Tom card s Easy to Win and Get Big Prizes

Rookies don’t know yet  How to play To Tom card What are the standards for a safe introductory journey? What specific participation rules make the experience risk-free? What is the playing strategy that improves the winning rate for rookies? Your concerns will be addressed by the team Nhacaiuytin detailed answers in the content below!

Information on rules for participating in To Tom subject

To grasp How to play To Tom card standards, players need to know the basic rules of participation of this subject. This is a prerequisite to help you experience confidence and easily conquer prestigious playgrounds.

Conditions of Tetanus

To win the To Tom game, members need to own a round card with 6-10 pairs of blocking cards. The pieces in hand are placedPhu and there are no odd trees. When the member does the trick and arranges a round set, he or she will have the right to lower the cards right without moving any more moves, this is Thien U.

To Tom plank mat

When a member owns 3 identical cards, they are allowed to take 1 card to create a Four of a Kind. When this piece is played, the bettor will have the right to win immediately. The situation of winning a check means playing a card to return the check. When it ends, the game will continue.

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Some other cases of Buzzing

In addition, bettors need to pay attention to some other cases of Buzzing when consulting How to play To Tom card standard:

  • Ten omen: Member O when all the pieces in hand are Ro – Co.
  • Regular buzzing: Having 2 or more rounds of continuous buzzing.
  • Old man glasses: The remaining Ð trees have a red old man image and the rest are white.
  • Bouncing limb: Member turns the card when drawing a card from Noc.
  • White Ding: The number of O cards with all white pieces.

Special rules when participating

Some other special rules newbies need to know to participate more fully and avoid possible risks. Specifically:

  • Thien Khai is not real: When the player has Thien Khai and wants to become a vertical player.
  • Unreal Khan: The Khan in To Tom has 3 identical leaves. If you leave one intact, you will have one back.

Instructions on  How to play To Tom card  game at Nhacaiuytin

Rookies who don’t know how to experience the first day of participating in the reward playground can refer to the following process from the experts to apply effectively. Details include:

  • Step 1: Players access Nhacaiuytin then register for a member account or log in to their username + owner’s password.
  • Step 2: Click “Deposit”.
  • Step 3: Select “Card Games” => Find the game “To Tom”.
  • Step 4: You apply the standard strategy to start playing the game, place money according to your current capital, wait for the end of the game and withdraw the prize when you win.

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The most basic way to play To Tom for 4 people

Each game of To Tom will have a certain number of players. The following are detailed instructions for playing a 4-person table to help newbies have a safe start. The participant starts the hand with 52 cards without the Joker. At the beginning, the Dealer will divide the deck into 5 parts and each member takes a separate part. The remaining plants are placed in the middle and are called Noc.

In the first game, the first member plays any card, the turn goes clockwise, but when the player does not want to continue playing, he can choose to face down and pick a new card from Noc. The player has the right to Buzz as soon as he draws a stick with two backs. When playing Ðu Thong or Cross-Red, the Ðu with two backs is not counted.

In a game with many people buzzing, the member who buzzes first will win or based on strength to determine. LIVE How to play To Tom card Eliminate 4 people, the score will be determined based on the number of cards in the player’s hand. Whoever has the lowest score will be fined according to the rules on the number of cards in hand.

Easy-to-win To Tom strategy for newbies

Rookies should learn How to play To Tom card of participating experts casino games This is to optimize your chances of winning in all games, thereby conquering the house and receiving attractive rewards. Specifically:

  • You clearly understand the rules of participation as well as how to calculate points of the game, avoiding mistakes when experiencing.
  • The secret that members should not forget is that they need to build strategies from many different experts, helping to apply them to each specific game.
  • Build a capital plan before playing and follow it so that you have a stop and don’t get too “immersed” in the reward game.
  • Understanding all the types of Buzz in the game helps increase your chances of coming first.


The information in the article has been shared in general How to play To Tom card from masters with standard participation rules. Along with that, new players can pocket strategies to conquer the house and receive good rewards. Please visit Nhacaiuytin right Today, let’s explore the green nine game hall with veteran experts!

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