Elevate Your Offerings: Enhancing Bathrooms with DAYA’s Series M Curbless Shower Pan and Linear Drain

In the dynamic landscape of modern bathrooms, the curbless shower pan with a linear drain stands as a testament to both aesthetic elegance and practical functionality. DAYA‘s Series M, a pinnacle of innovation in this domain, presents wholesale buyers with an opportunity to enhance their business offerings by incorporating a curbless shower pan that integrates a sleek linear drain, promising safety, efficiency, and customizable design options.

The Business Boost of Curbless Shower Pan with Linear Drain

Enhanced Modern Aesthetics: The seamless integration of a curbless shower pan with a linear drain elevates the visual appeal of bathrooms, meeting the preferences of customers seeking contemporary and sophisticated designs.

Accessibility and Safety: Curbless designs offer improved accessibility, eliminating barriers for users with mobility challenges, while the anti-slip features ensure a safer showering experience.

Efficient Water Drainage: Linear drains efficiently remove water, preventing accumulation and ensuring a clean and dry shower area, enhancing both functionality and appearance.

DAYA’s Series M: Redefining Curbless Shower Pan Excellence

Sleek and Seamless Design: Series M features a curbless design, installed flush with the floor, providing a seamless appearance and adding a touch of modern elegance to any bathroom.

Safety-Centric Features: Compliant with the une41901:2017 ex standard for non-slip surfaces, Series M prioritizes user safety, providing peace of mind during showers.

Customizable Sizes and Heights: Series M offers flexibility with lengths from 80 to 180 cm, widths of 70 to 90 cm, and heights ranging from 2.5 to 3.3 cm, catering to various bathroom layouts and preferences.


For wholesale buyers looking to offer customers a combination of modern design, safety, and customization in their bathroom fixtures, DAYA’s Series M Curbless Shower Pan with Linear Drain stands as an unparalleled choice. Its seamless integration, safety features, and customizable options promise not just a functional addition but a transformative element that redefines and enhances the essence of contemporary bathrooms.

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