Enhance Energy Efficiency with Done Power’s DL-105W-MAP Dimmable Driver for European Outdoor Lighting

Done Power introduces the DL-105W-MAP dimmable driver, a remarkable addition to their lineup of LED power supply drivers designed specifically for the European market. This European professional outdoor road lighting LED driver is built with precision and innovation, offering both constant and adjustable power output for energy-efficient LED lighting solutions. With a wide power range, high efficiency, surge protection, and multiple protection procedures, the DL-105W-MAP dimmable driver ensures safe and efficient operation while complying with European power and safety standards.

Energy Efficiency and Versatility

The DL-105W-MAP dimmable driver from Done Power offers a power range of 50W to 200W, allowing flexibility in outdoor lighting applications. Its high efficiency, reaching up to 92%, ensures optimal energy utilization and reduces power wastage. With both constant and adjustable power output options, this driver enables tailored lighting solutions, promoting energy efficiency and cost savings.

Comprehensive Protection and Longevity

Done Power’s DL-105W-MAP dimmable driver incorporates multiple protection procedures, including short circuit protection (SCP), over-temperature protection (OTP), over-voltage protection (OVP), and over-current protection (OCP), ensuring the safety and longevity of the driver and the LED lighting system. With a lifetime exceeding 50,000 hours and a 5-year warranty, this driver guarantees reliable performance and peace of mind for businesses and their outdoor lighting installations.


Done Power’s DL-105W-MAP dimmable driver is the ideal choice for European outdoor lighting applications, offering enhanced energy efficiency and versatility. With a wide power range and both constant and adjustable power output options, businesses can achieve tailored lighting solutions while optimizing energy utilization. The comprehensive protection features and compliance with European power and safety standards ensure the safe and efficient operation of the driver. Trust Done Power to deliver reliable and innovative dimmable driver solutions for your European outdoor lighting needs.


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