Exploring Duotts: High-Performance EBikes and Quality Ebike Parts and Accessories

Duotts, an innovative online store, takes the spotlight in the world of high-performance electric two-wheelers. As enthusiasts embark on their quest for top-notch eBikes, Duotts stands out as a beacon of quality, offering a range of stylish and powerful electric bikes. In addition, the brand takes pride in providing a variety of eBike parts and accessories, ensuring riders have everything they need for an exceptional cycling experience.

Duotts’ Commitment to Excellence

Duotts, the go-to destination for eBike enthusiasts, is committed to delivering a unique, excellent, and thoughtful online shopping experience. With a focus on high-performance electric two-wheelers, the brand has revolutionized commuting solutions. Duotts ensures that their products are crafted with precision and undergo rigorous quality testing to guarantee utmost satisfaction for riders.

Ebike Parts and Accessories for a Complete Riding Experience

Duotts goes beyond just providing exceptional electric bikes; the brand also offers a comprehensive range of eBike parts and accessories.

D66: Lightweight and Agile Scout

D66, an electric scooter by Duotts, effortlessly glides through the city with its aluminum alloy body. Powered by front and rear motors delivering 3600 watts from a 24Ah battery, it stands out in the realm of lightweight skateboards. The fusion of 11-inch off-road tires and front/rear suspensions ensures superior stability, offering riders the freedom to embrace the wind.

D99: The Conqueror King of Riders

Equipped with a 6000W motor and a 42AH battery, the D99 emerges as the king of riders. With remarkable 13-inch vacuum tires, it offers excellent support and suspension. Suitable for riders of various body types, the D99 invites enthusiasts to embark on their journey with unparalleled power and stability.


Duotts, with its commitment to excellence and a lineup of impressive electric bikes, stands tall in the realm of high-performance two-wheelers. Beyond the bikes, the brand’s range of eBike parts and accessories ensures that riders have everything they need for a complete and satisfying cycling experience. Embrace the freedom of riding with Duotts, where style meets performance, and innovation meets the road.

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