How to change an elderly person's diaper

How to change an elderly person’s diaper

Normally, an adult who wears a diaper needs help to change the diaper, so it is important that we are always prepared, especially if he is bedridden. As it is an adult, the risks are even greater than with children, since they are heavier and run a greater risk of falls, among others.

Below is a step-by-step guide to changing an adult or elderly diaper. Follow everything very carefully and be patient with whoever is receiving your help, since he is not to blame for anything and is unable to perform some functions.

First, and before starting to change the diaper, you must gather the material:
– Garbage bag
– New diaper

– Hygiene equipment

To start the user must be placed on the bed. First, the adhesive tape from the diaper is peeled off and folds inwards so that when it is positioned on the side, this flap is underneath. Gently position yourself to that side. Peel off the other adhesive tape on the opposite side and after this procedure you can remove the dirty diaper from behind.


Before putting on a clean diaper, clean the area thoroughly with soap and water. You must proceed with the hygiene of the genitals according to the correct technique (already explained in another topic). Then dry very well. You can use a moisturizing and protective cream. He puts on the new diaper and reverses the entire previous process when he removed it.

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