Ignite Brilliance: Light Sky’s Super Scope Max Moving Headlights

In the realm of theatrical lighting effects, Light Sky‘s professional moving head lights such as Super Scope Max take center stage. These cutting-edge professional moving headlights are equipped with a 1200W LED light source and a range of advanced features that elevate the art of illumination. With superior brightness, versatile functionality, and a noise-canceling design, the Super Scope Max promises an immersive experience during performances. Let’s delve into the exceptional qualities of Light Sky’s flagship LED profile spotlights.

Powerful Illumination

The Super Scope Max boasts a formidable 1200W LED light source, delivering unrivaled brightness, extended lifespan, eco-friendly operation, and minimal heat radiation. It sets a new standard for powerful and sustainable lighting solutions in the industry.

Advanced Optical System

Equipped with a professional and highly efficient optical system, the Super Scope Max offers 8x optical zoom, ensuring optimal light source utilization and uniformity effects. The result is a breathtaking range of lighting possibilities that captivate audiences.

Unparalleled Versatility

Combining the functionality of BEAM, WASH, SPOT, and PROFILE lights into a single unit, the Super Scope Max is a true all-in-one solution. From precise spotlighting to broad washes of color, this moving headlight offers unparalleled versatility for creative lighting designers.

Exquisite Color Mixing

The Super Scope Max features CMY linear color mixing, enabling seamless blending of colors to achieve pure reds, vibrant greens, and deep blues. Moreover, the linear CTO function expands the CMY color mixing capabilities while allowing control over the color temperature of white light, ranging from 6500K to 3000K.

Professional Cutting System

With its advanced cutting system, the Super Scope Max enables the creation of intricate transformation patterns such as triangles, quadrilaterals, sectors, and arcs. The cutting process is distortion-free, ensuring precision and artistic freedom for lighting designers.


Light Sky’s Super Scope Max is a true marvel of modern lighting technology, designed to elevate theatrical lighting effects to new heights. With its powerful illumination, versatile functionality, exquisite color mixing, and precise control, this flagship moving headlight is a game-changer for lighting designers worldwide. Light Sky’s commitment to comprehensive after-sales service and technical support further solidifies the Super Scope Max as a top choice for professionals seeking brilliance in their artistic endeavors.

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