Introducing the MINI LASER AQUA: Unleashing Brilliance with Light Sky’s Waterproof Moving Head Light

Light Sky is well-positioned to introduce the MINI LASER AQUA, a cutting-edge white laser light designed for high-end users. With its powerful 100W white laser, this fixture delivers unrivaled performance and precision. Let’s explore the remarkable features of Light Sky’s MINI LASER AQUA and discover how it can transform any stage with its brilliance.

Unrivaled Optical Performance

At the heart of the MINI LASER AQUA is its 100W white laser source, providing a stunningly sharp and focused beam. With a beam angle of 1.1 degrees and a front lens diameter of 128mm, this fixture guarantees optimal light distribution and visual impact. Its impressive luminance of 180,000 lux at 10 meters creates a captivating lighting experience that captivates the audience.

Vibrant Colors and Dynamic Effects

The MINI LASER AQUA offers a wide range of vibrant colors and dynamic effects to enhance your lighting design. It features a color wheel with 12 colors, including a blank slot, allowing for customizable color combinations. The bi-directional rainbow effect seamlessly transitions between colors, adding depth and dimension to your lighting display. The fixture also incorporates a static gobo wheel with 14 fixed gobos and a blank slot, enabling you to project intricate patterns and textures onto the stage. Additionally, the MINI LASER AQUA includes a frost effect, providing a soft and diffused look to the light projection.

Versatile Control and User-Friendly Design

Light Sky understands the importance of intuitive control and user-friendly design. The MINI LASER AQUA supports DMX 512 and RDM control protocols, ensuring seamless integration into existing lighting setups. It offers multiple channel modes, including 13CH, 17CH, and 19CH, providing flexibility in control configuration. The fixture features locking 3-pin or 5-pin XLR connectors for DMX and RDM connections, ensuring reliable and secure connectivity. The foldable light hook simplifies installation and allows for versatile mounting options.


In conclusion, Light Sky’s MINI LASER AQUA waterproof moving head light is a game-changer in the world of white laser lighting solutions. Its exceptional optical performance, vibrant colors, dynamic effects, and user-friendly design empower lighting professionals to create breathtaking visual experiences. Whether for concerts, theatrical productions, or other large-scale events, the MINI LASER AQUA is a versatile and powerful tool that effortlessly elevates any stage performance. Unleash brilliance on your stage with Light Sky’s MINI LASER AQUA.

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