New88 fish shooting boss: A paradise of classy online rewards

Fish shooting boss is the name the Vietnamese gaming community refers to the bookmaker Neu88. Online betting points continuously update trends, refreshing the online fish hunting game store with diverse products. Here, online entertainment players can experience “extreme” games one after another with highly competitive reward rates.

New88 – Online market fish shooting boss

Online bookmakerNew88 has set foot in the Vietnamese market for more than 15 years, has a solid foothold in the online betting arena. The playground is licensed for business and is under legal supervision and protection by the Curacao government.

Fish shooting is one of the main categories at the betting site, always enthusiastically received by members. Worthy of the title of fish hunting tycoon, each betting point depicts the most realistic habitat of +1,000 species of creatures in the vast, vast ocean.

Not only captivated by graphics, sound and unique 3D animation effects. Fish hunting boss New88 owns a complete game store, releasing famous game halls: PlayStar,NextSpin, JiLi,Spadegaming, JDB, FaChai, CQ9, Mini Ted…

5 reasons why New88 is known as the “Fish Shooting Boss”

Fish hunting is a form of online entertainment that is present in almost every online bookmaker in Asia. However, few opponents meet the qualifications to surpass the king of fishing village – New88 for the following 5 reasons:

Cooperate with reputable online fish shooting game publishers

Quality: An indispensable factor in all products provided by the house. To bring the most complete and optimal games to customers, New88 chooses to cooperate with famous game companies.

Quick score of 9 game halls at fish shooting boss Online, bettors are very familiar with the names of large, strong publishers in the form of fish hunting and rewards:

  • CQ9.
  • YGR.
  • JiLi.
  • NextSpin.
  • JDB.
  • PS.
  • FC.
  • spadegaming.
  • MT.

Huge number of games

Betting points make members restless before the long list of attractive fish shooting games. Revolving around the theme of destroying sea creatures for real money, each product in the game lobby is transformed with colorful content and images.

New88 member experience is always innovated every day through interesting games. Statistics to date, the website has provided 50 game titles fish shooting boss green nine for the betting community. This is definitely not the final number, the house is always looking for and updating new redemption versions.

Transparency in results

The opportunity to shoot fish and receive bonus coins is fair to all players, whether new or veteran. Products in the lobby are tested by iTech Lab, committed to returning completely accurate results, with absolutely no situations of cheating, arranging or influencing members’ games.

Fish shooting boss supports quick deposit and withdrawal

Online fish hunting players deposit money into the main wallet, then exchange it for coins to use to buy bullets and upgrade weapons. All bonuses recovered when destroying sea creatures during the game will be automatically added to the lobby wallet and redeemed at any time.

The deposit and withdrawal process is all done through online transaction channels: Internet Banking, Crypto, Momo, scratch cards… The customer service team is ready to support 24/24, ensuring quick processing and completion of deposit/withdrawal orders. fastest.

Play fish shooting to receive great promotions

Below is important information for members fish shooting boss online. There are many special offers and promotions in the game lobby. Typically as:

  • Super fast 1% unlimited refund, no betting round required within 1 hour.
  • Fish shooting bossAwarding more than 8 billion VND to members participating in the “Fish Shooting Fury” tournament.
  • Partial refund of losing tickets each week, value up to 38,888 VND.
  • Welcome offer for new members at the fish shooting lobby, 100% bonus on first recharge card value.
  • Special gifts on each member’s birthday.
  • Introduce friends to join the game lobby and receive generous commissions from the system…

There are many other free bet offers at the online website. For more information, visit the promotions section of online gambling.

Top 3 games to experience at New88 fish shooting boss

You are confused when faced with the decision to choose a game titleShoot fish and get prizes best fit? Below is a list of 3 HOT games, with overwhelming bets at reputable online bookmakers:

1/ Fishing Paradise

Fishing Paradise is a hunting masterpiece in the game hallNextSpin, the version transformed into a real seaman. Gamers continuously experience exciting challenges at the bottom of the vast, vast ocean.

Products at fish shooting boss There are 2 popular levels of play: Beginner and intermediate. As for the “excellent” sound configuration, from the images to the extremely vivid sound system. Diverse biological system:

  • Winged Angelfish: High appearance rate, usually 2x – 10x.
  • Golden Shark: 10x – 30x.
  • Dragon Vuong: Bonus rate of 100x or more.
  • Neptune: Big boss of Fishing Paradise, bonus coefficient 200x – 500x.

2/ Fishing Joy

Publisher Mini Ted contributed to fish shooting boss New88 Fishing Joy redemption product. The game is considered by players to be entertaining and suitable for a great relaxing experience.

Players use laser guns to break barriers and destroy dangerous sea monsters such as starfish, giant sharks, multi-tentacled squids… The system helps gamers increase their ability to defeat opponents through lifting weapons. High: Fishing nets, cannons…

3/ Happy Fishing

Happy Fishing is the “darling” at JiLi lobby, fish shooting boss online is very popular with New88 members. The reward product leans towards the classic gameplay but has been modified to add many interesting support features. Provides 3 room levels with increasing bets from 0.1 – 100: Practice, Honor, Joy.

In particular, the game has a “try out” feature to create conditions for new recruits to practice and get used to the operation. Some big Bosses: Shark (25x), deep sea fish (12x), Little Kim Ngu (40x), Crayfish (10x)… are also equipped with many terrible weapons:

  • Target lock.
  • Torpedo.
  • Shoot automatically.
  • Free lightning shooting…

FAQ about New88 fish shooting

To help gamers stay comfortable and confident before entering the betting room at fish shooting boss. Below are concise and clear answers to frequently asked questions from members with experience at online bookmaker New88:

Is the automatic fish hunting game mode really effective?

AutoPlay, also known as hands-free mode, players choose 5 targets to defeat and activate the automatic fire button. However, advice from fish hunting masters is not to overuse this mode. Although it saves effort, it consumes bullets and is not very effective.

Can you hunt right on your phone?

Have. Online bookmaker New88 is one of the first addresses to release a betting App right on the phone. Now members just need to click to download the application (Android, iOS) and be ready for the journey of hunting fish online to exchange real money at any time, in any location.

Can I invite friends to join the game?

This is a special playing feature at the house, members choose to play 1:1 with the system or compete with friends and relatives. Regardless of the form of betting, it promises to bring huge profits to bettors.

Hopefully our article has helped gamers better understand fish shooting boss New88. Open an account at the online bookmaker, participate in playing games to exchange for attractive gifts or quickly exchange bonuses to your personal account.

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