Discussing the Worse Addictions

Street Drugs: Discussing the Worse Addictions

Drug abuse is one of the hardest cycles in the world to break. Drugs vastly change and influence the way you think. As you spiral deeper and deeper into the disease your physical and mental health decline in accordance. This disease is chronic, and those who struggle with it face the temptation to relapse for the rest of their lives.

However, it is just as true that millions of people who have struggled with addiction have also learned to manage that addiction and live long, healthy, drug-free lives. Even the worst drugs can be detoxed out of your system, therapy/counseling can be provided, and many other treatments exist out there in the form of rehab facilities and treatment centers. In the meantime, here are the 8 drugs considered the worst/most dangerous:

Number 1 Is Fentanyl

This synthetic opioid has been in the news heavily for the last several years, and its use has risen to the level of an epidemic. It is 50 times stronger than heroin.

Number 2 Is Carfentanil

This is the most potent opioid on the planet; 100 times more so than Fentanyl. It was originally used as a tranquilizer for large animals such as rhinos and elephants. This drug often contaminates other drugs, making them much more potent and deadly.

Number 3 Is Alcohol

Just because it’s legal doesn’t mean it’s not dangerous. Nearly 150,000 people die of alcohol overdose each year. That doesn’t even touch on drunk driving accidents, or health problems brought on by chronic drinking.

Number 4 Is Methamphetamines

This drug is highly addictive and very powerful. It gives the user a feeling of euphoria and strength/energy. It is very destructive to the body on multiple levels.

Number 5 Is Heroin

Heroin has been on the list for a long time. A derivative of morphine, this highly addictive narcotic creates numerous health risks due to the way needles are shared, and how the drug can be cut with Fentanyl.

Number 6 Is Inhalants

Inhalants produce a unique problem as they can be purchased legally. Examples include:

  • Butyl Nitrite Amyl Nitrite (a legal fig leaf, often referred to as video head cleaner)
  • Freon (used in air conditioning systems and refrigerators)
  • Toluene (cleaners, nail polish, and many more products)
  • Benzene (found in gas)
  • Nitrous Oxide (aka laughing gas)

Number 7 Is Synthetic Cannabinoids

One of the things that make these substances so dangerous is the fact that they are made up of a “potpourri” of different ingredients (hence the name), and the fact that you can buy them legally. Unfortunately, these chemical cocktails are constantly changing to skirt the ever-evolving laws of what can and cannot be sold, and no one really knows how anyone will react to them.

Number 8 Is Cocaine

Although cocaine is technically 10th on the overall worst drugs list, it still deserves to be bumped because it is such a common and popular party drug. Unfortunately, this is another example of a drug that could be cut with Fentanyl or contaminated with Carfentanil.


Just Because You Don’t See Your Drug on the Worst Drugs List, Doesn’t Make it OK

Even something that isn’t on this list, something as simple as marijuana, can still lock you into a cycle of negative behavior. If you need help with an addiction of any kind, don’t hesitate to seek out help as soon as possible.

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