The National Nail polish Brand Impala

The national nail polish brand Impala , sponsor of the São Paulo Fashion Week, was the first national name to come up with a novelty: Na Mira 3D nail polish . With holographic glitter particles, the color on the nail reflects a lot and predominates more in bright and sunny environments. The enamel is made with micro colored glitter particles to achieve the depth effect.

Colors are mixed between green, gold, silver, pink, purple and lead. Every year Impala comes with a brand new lineup, full of new releases. The company innovates every season of the year, looking for and doing the best for its audience, always bringing the latest trends and news from the world market.

Different packaging, beautiful colors and incomparable formulations are all in every Impala enamel bottle. The Impala SPFW collection was launched at the event, with five colors inspired by the vintage military aesthetic. The innovative Na Mira 3D is part of the SPFW Collection and is the first enamel with a three-dimensional effect in the Brazilian industry. Also part of the collection are the pearly colors War Red and Metal Glam, as well as the creamy Aviator Blue and Military Green. The effect is intense and even before passing it on the nail you can see that it forms the rainbow pattern a few times. The basic difference to other common nail polishes is that nail polishes that contain glitter leave a thick texture and don’t spread the particles evenly.

3D enamels leave a smoother and more uniform texture, due to the paste state of their particles. However, in darker environments, the color is very discreet and hardly appears bright. A tip is to use two colors, using the chosen color as a base and then Na Mira 3D to have a more diversified and original effect for those who go for a walk, to the beach or to a club.

The colors that best suit it are: black, brown, grey, dark blue and dark green. Another advantage is that unlike a nail polish with strong glitter, Na Mira 3D is easy to remove from nails only with cotton and acetone, it doesn’t need to soak in acetone or any other product.


The metallic effect remains on the nail for a long time, but as soon as the nail starts to peel, it should be removed, as it attracts a lot of attention. The brand’s suggested price for Na Mira 3D enamel is R$ 4.65, which may vary by establishment.

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