Top Features of Good Quality Smart Light Bulbs

Smart lights have a lot in common with their millennial cousins, smartphones. The general consent has been that they are more reliable and durable, while still offering the same convenience and perks that make us love the features offered by our smartphones. However, what sets smart led lights apart from their cheaper predecessors is the ability to offer a feature called ‘smart’. Smart light bulbs can connect to wifi or other networks without requiring an external hub or adding an additional power cord.

Here are some features

1.      Can be controlled remotely

Lights that are connected to wifi and apps can be switched on and off with a smart phone. This means they can be controlled while you are away from home, letting you know if it is safe to enter your property or not. An advanced feature comes where the light knows when it is dark outside because of daylight saving time, so no one will have to remember how to turn lights on/off.

2.      Dimming and ambiance control:

Another great feature of smart led lights is the ability to control light levels. You can dim them for a relaxing environment, or brighten them for working under brighter light conditions. You can also change the hue and color of the lights, letting you achieve a mood.

Smart led light bulbs cost a bit more than their traditional counterparts. However, their features make them more efficient and convenient to use. If you are looking at buying smart lights, remember to look for the following points:

  • Light bulbs that can be controlled with an app of your choice or through wifi connection.
  • You can dim them and control their color.
  • They have an extended life cycle.
  • A bonus feature is that they don’t contain mercury or other toxic substances.
  • They are environment-friendly and energy efficient too.

3.      Home automation:

A lot of smart light bulbs are compatible with other automation systems in homes, such as smart locks. They can also be triggered by your regular ‘home automation’ devices, such as when you enter a room or when the sun goes down.

4.      Ease of use:

Smart led lights are almost as easy to set up and use as normal light bulbs. There is no need for special wiring since they connect to your wifi router with a wireless signal. They can control almost all kinds of lights found in the home, except for halogen and neon tubes, since their high temperatures would damage the smart led lights circuitry.

5.      Durable and reliable:

The life cycle of smart led lights is long, which means you will get the most out of your investment. With a variety of features, such as remote control or dimming, you will never have to worry about an electrical surge that might damage your lights, or an alien invasion by aliens from another planet.

6.      Works with other smart home systems:

Some smart led lights have built-in wifi and Bluetooth protocol, meaning they can work with other smart home systems to offer additional functionality, such as controlling the blinds in remotely through the phone app.

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