Trollishly A – Z Guide: How Home Renovators Can Use Instagram For Business?

Instagram marketing is not new, but it has now taken center stage in marketing. Every business marketer is taking advantage of Instagram and promoting their business. Today, even house renovators are using Instagram as a marketing tool to reach their target audience. As a thumb rule, brands need to make their presence where their audience is active. So for renovators, Instagram would be an ideal place for promotions.

As per the statistics, Instagram users miss out on viewing 70% of posts on their feeds. So to leverage Instagram, it would be better to jump on the paid ads. If not, you can buy reels views that benefit your profile growth. Still today, many marketers are unaware of all the advantages that Instagram is showering for businesses. Marketers can consider embracing Instagram in their marketing strategy.

Tactics For Home Renovators To Use Instagram

  1. Potential Customer Engagement

Every day millions of people use Instagram and scroll to watch videos and posts from around the world. All the viewers can like, share and comment on the Instagram videos and feeds. It is a way of showing their engagement with the brand. Unlike the initial stages, people are now engaging with the brands effortlessly. For example, if customers have doubts about your product, they are currently clearing their doubts by adding comments in the comment section. So it is an easier way for brands to make them engaged. If you are specific with hashtag usage, frequency of posting, and content marketing, you can easily reach sky-high popularity.

  1. Show Your Work To The Audience

As a home renovator, it is vital to show your work to the audience. If you have renovated or built a new home, you can take a video of the before and after and post it on your Instagram page. Even you can choose to post as carousels so that viewers will slide to see the pictures. Be confident in displaying your renovation works. Instagram posting showcases your brand and encourages customers to share their opinions and tag your business in their posts.

  1. Limited Competition

Unlike Facebook, Instagram has limited competition for home renovating businesses. Still, people using for local companies are relatively less in numbers. So home renovators can leverage the opportunity and make their way to success on Instagram. Whatever it is, understand the Instagram algorithm. It is the key to opening the doorways for high visibility of your posts.

  1. Eye-Catching Ads

As home renovators, you need to grab the attention of your local audience first. You can utilize ads targeting specific locations, demographics, audience behaviors, etc. In ads, you can choose formats like In-feed, video ads, photo ads, carousel ads, collection ads, explore ads, etc. Choose the ads that are more suitable for your firm. Instagram is with so many benefits, so why not leverage it now? It is necessary to create a cohesive advertising campaign. Your advertising strategy should include the following points,

  • Home renovators should provide visual inspiration for an audience to decide on the basic designs for their renovation houses. The Instagram video should convey all the necessary details, even without a site visit.
  • Set the right advertising objective aligning your business goals.
  • It would help if you supported the ads with organic activity. You can also try using Trollishly to gain more exposure.
  1. Use Of Hashtags

As you know, the hashtags you use should be easily used by people. It should be generic and niche-specific. You can choose from a bunch of hashtags that are available on the internet. Be sure you use at least five hashtags in your video and posts. Use hashtags like #renovation, #homedecor, #construction, #interior design etc.,

  1. Have A Strong Bio

First of all, join the business account of tiktok. With a business account, you can have all the insights into your Instagram posts. Moreover, build your community with a strong bio. You can tell a story and reveal who you are to your audience. However, the technological advancements are there; still, authenticity and genuineness rule the hearts of followers.

Pro-Tips: If you want to embed several links on your bio, you can generate a single link under which you can place several links together. You can try the options with the marketing tools on Instagram.

Uplift Your Instagram Account To The Next Level!

If you are a beginner home renovator, follow the builders’ account on Instagram. Leave out outdated tactics and build effective strategies. It is not an enormous difficulty to have significant growth on the platform. You can make your client’s stories about the renovation projects Instagram stories. All home renovation business marketers need to create images and videos that speak 1000 words. You can try using Trollishly and shall gain fame instantly.

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