Understanding Fixed Inductors

Understanding Fixed Inductors

Fixed inductors are a classification of inductors according to their structure, and fixed inductors are commonly used inductive devices. This article will help customers understand the ins and outs of fixed inductors so that when they need fixed inductors, they’ll be able to identify what type of fixed inductor is being used.

What are Inductors?

Fixed inductors are one of the most common types of inductors found in electronic equipment. A fixed inductor, also known as a coil or choke, is a passive two-terminal electronic component that stores energy in a magnetic field when current flows through it. When the current changes, the magnetic field induces a voltage in the conductor. The polarity of the induced voltage is opposite to the change in the current that produces it. They are typically used to stabilize voltage and current levels in an electrical circuit.

What is the Importance of GFOOKIC Fixed Inductors?

Fixed inductors are a type of inductor found in electronic equipment. They are often used in place of wound or rotating inductors to create a particular resonant frequency. By choosing the correct fixed inductor, you can optimize the frequencies and characteristics of your electronic equipment.

Applications for Fixed Inductors

Fixed inductors are widely used in networking, telecommunications, computers, AC power, and peripherals.

In mobile communications, rapid technological change has led to the emergence of personal networks in the world, devices are decreasing in size, frequencies are increasing, and digitization is progressing. Therefore, the need for fixed inductors extends to reducing inductance value errors and reducing component size.

Fixed inductors have been widely used in communication equipment, especially as oscillating coils and choke coils in antenna filter circuits and power supply circuits.


Fixed inductors are a common electronic component. A careful reading of this article will enable users to better understand the working principles of these fixed inductors and improve their use and efficiency.

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