What is a straw hat, and how to style one?

What is a straw hat, and how to style one?


Straw hats are something that every man should have in his wardrobe. They are sleek, stylish and simple to wear. Straw hats can be worn during the day or night in formal or casual settings. There is no reason not to add a straw hat to your collection this summer season! Some of the best ones are from brands like the Eric Javits Straw Hats collection. Here are some tips on how you can style your straw summer hat:

Straw hats are a simple and easy vacation accessory.

Straw hats are a simple and easy vacation accessory. They’re stylish, fun at the same time and versatile enough to be worn in many settings. The straw hat is not just for beaches or on boats; it can be worn anywhere from festivals to concerts to ball games.

There are many different styles and shapes of straw hats: some have brims that are curved outward toward your face; others have brims that curve inward toward your face. Some come with earflap hats attached that cover up half of your face like typical sun visors, while others don’t have any extra protection at all because they were designed solely as an accessory, so there isn’t much difference between them except how long they may last before needing repair or needing replacement parts when they break down over time due to wear & tear.

They are stylish and fun at the same time.

Straw hats are stylish and fun accessories that can make a big difference in your look. They are versatile enough to be worn with different outfits and easy to accessories with other pieces of clothing or jewellery. You can start with brands offering trendy stuff like the  Eric Javits Straw Hats collection

 if you have never tried wearing a straw hat.

Both men and women can wear straw hats.

Straw hats are unisex accessories, and both men and women can wear them. They’re great for men with thinning hair or women who want to add style to their day because they’re versatile! For example:

  • If you have no hair, straw hats will help disguise that fact.
  • If you’re male but have thinning locks, wearing a straw hat can make it look like your hair has grown back faster than usual!

They are not beach-exclusive. They can be worn in many settings.

Straw hats are not just for the beach. They can be worn in many settings, including at the park and on hikes. They’re also great for work and formal events like weddings or parties. If you want to wear your straw hat with a t-shirt, there’s no need to go out of your way; just add some sunglasses!

Straw summer hats are a must-have for this season.

Straw hats are a must-have for summer. They can be worn casually or formally, depending on your style and the occasion. They go well with shorts, dresses and even suits! This hat can be paired with the right outfit if you want to create a casual chic look. If you want to go formal with your straw hat, opt for a statement necklace instead of jewellery.

The straw hat comes in several different styles, such as:

  • Fedora: a wide-brimmed hat with a visor
  • Panama: a round flat-topped cap
  • Straw sun hat


Straw hats are a great way to keep your head cool and stylish in the summer. They’re also perfect for people with long hair who want to protect their locks from the sun’s rays. If you have yet to try one, go and grab one soon.

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