Your Guide to House Flooring Solutions

Architectural developments in today’s world focus on both aesthetics and functionality. From driveway finishing to bathroom tiles, there are a variety of flooring solutions available in the market. As such, over 60% of new homeowners work on minimalistic themes and exposed aggregate or mosaic flooring.

However, choosing multiple patterns can make the space seem crowded and messy. And the cost of flooring solutions in Australia can be significantly higher and are thus not inexpensive. So due to the heavy price tags, making the right decision is more crucial than ever. But, worry not because this guide breaks down the relationship between function and design, helping you choose between flooring solutions.


1.    Wood

Dark and light woods fit perfectly into both minimalistic and rustic themes. They are classy, warm, and versatile. And while setting in wooden floors is affordable, maintenance can cost about $100-$150 every few years. As such, polishing and varnishing are crucial to ensure the longevity and durability of the floors.

Wooden flooring is susceptible to scuffs and scratches, and an extra layer of protective wax goes a long way.

2.    Tiles

Resin or marble tiles run their course. However, they work best for bathrooms and kitchens, as they are water-resistant, and most tiles are stain-resistant as well. They are available in several colours, patterns, and shapes, making them versatile.

White tiles make dirt and dust prominent extra cleaning to keep them sparkling can be a hassle for some homeowners.

3.    Exposed Concrete

The quasi-mosaic pattern of exposed aggregate perfectly balances out minimalistic home themes. As such, it is inlaid directly, allowing flexibility with colours and combinations. Some manufacturers even customise the stones in the underlying decorative coarse aggregates.

These aggregates are either seeded on surfaces or mixed into concrete batches. And they are stunning and require relatively low maintenance. Moreover, they are not slippery and are 100% natural.

4.    Granite

The gorgeous material is shiny and polished. However, granite serves as better slabs than flooring solutions, and they are not nearly as durable as their alternatives.

Colours and Patterns

1.    Coordination of Colours

  • Utilising too many colours can make a room appear cramped and messy while clashing themes and tones never leave a good impression.
  • Always pick a specific theme before interior design or general design begins.
  • Choosing varying tones under a single shade is a foolproof way to match colours. For example, baby blue and lavender shades will complement darker aqua tones.
  • Black and white work well with every colour. And if you’re feeling adventurous, you can use black or grey as a flooring option in exposed aggregate while using different tones of a single colour for the decorative aggregate.
  • Always select either the warm or the cool tone. A house with both colour tones can give off a confusing atmosphere. However, one can use a variation in theme for different rooms. For example, the study can be brighter or lighter, while the bedrooms and lounge areas can be warmer.

2.    Working with Patterns

Pairing multiple patterns makes a room seem messy. Instead, pair a solid colour with designs in different tones of the solid colour. Also, include black or white shades to complement the solid colour and the patterns. This addition adds a neat finish to the overall look.

Functionality and Maintenance

Before deciding on a flooring solution, consider your usage and maintenance. For instance, in bathrooms and patios, installing anti-slip flooring is a safer decision. Waterproof and durable solutions can also help in reducing maintenance costs. Meanwhile, if your lifestyle is relatively busy, opting for low-maintenance solutions can help you save time.


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