4 Casino Games with the Lowest House Edges That You Should Try

Are you tired of losing your bets in the casino? Are you tired of going home with an empty bankroll after a night in the casino? If you are, then we have good news for you. News flash, you might be playing the wrong games.

If you’re in the casino to win or at least get back your losses, then maybe you should pick the games that give you a higher chance of winning. In most games, especially card games, you’re playing against the house or, in other words, against the casino itself.

When a game has a huge advantage of winning, that game has a high house edge. House edge is the statistical chance of winning casinos. Of course, the higher the house edge is, the more likely you will lose. That said, if you’re looking for casino games with the lowest house edge, then you’re in luck because, in this article, we will list the games that give you a better chance of winning against the casino itself.


It may come as no surprise that blackjack is one of the games with a low house edge. It has a house edge of between 0.5% to 1.5%. If you’re wondering why it isn’t fixed, blackjack has different rule variations depending on the casino. Some rules increase the house edge while others lower it. For example, some casinos don’t allow split-double downs since it lowers the house edge significantly from 0.5% to more or less 0.3% or 0,4%.

Luckily, if you don’t know how to play blackjack yet, it’s easy to learn. It’s also very popular since it’s the perfect mix of strategy and luck that many players love. And not to mention that several strategies can give you a higher chance of winning depending on your luck.

Caribbean Stud Poker

If you don’t have a good poker face and don’t want to practice in front of the mirror for hours, then this type of poker variation may be good for you. It’s still the same as stud poker, but you don’t have to worry about putting on a convincing poker face and neutral body language. The rules are still the same as poker, where the dealer will deal you cards and for themselves.

In these games, you won’t be playing against other players but against the dealer himself, making the house edge as low as 5%. Not only that, if you want to increase your winnings, there’s a feature that we call a progressive bet. If you think you have a good chance of getting a royal flush, you can put money on the progressive bet tab, and if you win, you’ll get separate winnings for that one.


Backgammon might not be as popular as the other games on this list, but they are still popular. It’s also one of the oldest dice games in existence. So how do you play this game? Each player will have two pieces called “point 1.” After that, you can make three kinds of bets: jump, out, and double. After placing your bets, the designated shooter will then throw the dice.

Your first objective is to get the first two pieces over the jump bar in one roll of the two dice. If you made the jump bet beforehand, then you win that bet. The shooter will then roll the dice again, and if both the pieces get moved out of the board, whoever bets on the out wins. Whenever the shooter rolls doubles, then anyone who bet on doubles will win their bets. It’s a fun and exciting game with a house edge between 6.39% to 4.82%.


Roulette also has varying house edges, but it depends on the roulette you’re playing. So there are three kinds of roulettes: American, European, and French. The last two types are similar in that both of them only have a single 0, while the American has 0 and 00. Because you have 1 in 37 chances of winning in European and French roulettes, the house edge is only 2.70%.

On the other hand, American roulette gives you 1 in 38 chances of winning, which increases the house edge to 5.26%. It’s just an additional set of zeroes, but it’s crazy what difference it makes to you as a player.

That said, if you’re planning to play roulette, it’s recommended to always pick the European or French version. However, these versions aren’t that common in US casinos. However, if you play online casino games in New Jersey or in any other state, you can have the option to play these versions.

Final Words

If you’re tired of losing your bankroll every night at the casino, you may be playing the wrong games. Of course, you choose which games you want to play, but if you want to win more bets, you should try at least one of the games we listed above. They’re also fun, and most importantly, they give you a higher chance of winning your bets. There’s no beating the satisfaction of going home a few hundred bucks richer.

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