APT Medical’s Triguy™ 4-3.3F Fixed Curve Mapping Catheter: Unleashing Enhanced Mapping Capabilities

APT Medical, a prominent manufacturer and supplier of EP and Vascular Intervention medical devices, introduces the Triguy™ 4-3.3F Fixed Curve Mapping Catheter. This cutting-edge catheter is designed to improve the mapping process in Electrophysiology (EP) procedures. With its advanced features and exceptional design, the Triguy™ catheter from APT Medical equips clinicians to navigate intricate cardiac structures more confidently and precisely.

Small Diameter and Guidewire Tip:

The Triguy™ 4-3.3F Fixed Curve Mapping Catheter boasts a small diameter, enabling smooth insertion into even the smallest branches of the coronary sinus (CS). This catheter’s slender profile ensures minimal disruption during placement and could reduce the risk of complications. .

Enhanced Braided Structure:

To provide superior support during EP procedures, APT Medical has incorporated an enhanced braided structure into the Triguy™ catheter. This unique design feature ensures exceptional stability, allowing clinicians to maintain control throughout mapping and diagnostic maneuvers.

Tight Electrode Spacing:

The Triguy™ 4-3.3F Fixed Curve Mapping Catheter is equipped with tight electrode spacing, enabling precise mapping and localization of arrhythmia origin. This feature empowers clinicians to pinpoint the source of arrhythmias with higher accuracy.

Mapping of Smaller Veins:

APT Medical’s Triguy™ catheter is specifically designed for the precise mapping of smaller veins within the cardiac system. It excels in identifying and mapping critical structures such as the Great Cardiac Vein, LV Summit, Middle Cardiac Vein, and Vein of Marshall. By expanding clinicians’ understanding of complex cardiac anatomy, the Triguy™ catheter can enhance diagnostic capabilities to a certain extent.


APT Medical’s Triguy™ 4-3.3F Fixed Curve Mapping Catheter is a pioneer in the field of Electrophysiology. With its small diameter and guidewire tip, it offers smooth access to challenging cardiac structures. The enhanced braided structure ensures exceptional stability, while the tight electrode spacing enables precise mapping of arrhythmia origins. Clinicians can trust the Triguy™ catheter for accurate mapping of smaller veins, contributing to improved patient outcomes.

Choose APT Medical’s Triguy™ 4-3.3F Fixed Curve Mapping Catheter to unlock enhanced mapping capabilities in your EP procedures.


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