Elevate Motorcycle Safety with Steel Mate Motorcycle Security System

Steelmate, a trailblazer in automotive electronics, introduced China’s first one-way Motorcycle Alarm System in 1993, revolutionizing motorcycle security. The Motorcycle Security System is an essential electronic device designed to deter potential thefts or crimes, ensuring rider safety and peace of mind. With a track record of over 12 million sets sold, Steel Mate‘s Motorcycle Security System has become a sought-after solution for motorcycle owners worldwide.

Motorcycle Security Redefined – Steel Mate’s Cutting-Edge Solution

Steel Mate’s Motorcycle Security System is engineered to deliver unparalleled protection for two-wheeled vehicles. The device utilizes advanced technology to detect and activate alerts for impacts, movements, and engine starts, enabling motorcycle owners to proactively safeguard their valuable assets. With Steelmate’s Motorcycle Security System, riders can confidently leave their motorcycles without worry.

Global Trust – Over 12 Million Sets Sold Worldwide

Steel Mate’s Motorcycle Security System has earned global acclaim, with over 12 million sets sold to date. This remarkable achievement highlights Steelmate’s dedication to delivering reliable and innovative security solutions for motorcycles. As a trusted brand in the automotive industry, Steel Mate continues to raise the bar for motorcycle security.


Steel Mate Motorcycle Security System sets the benchmark for motorcycle safety since its introduction in 1993. With its cutting-edge technology and unwavering performance, Steelmate empowers motorcycle owners to protect their prized possessions and ride with confidence. Embrace the elevated safety provided by Steel Mate Motorcycle Security System and experience worry-free rides knowing your motorcycle is shielded by the most trusted security measures.

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