Gaming experience getting better at home

Gamers need a better place to play, right? We give you little and unique ideas on how to transform your room for gaming.

External hard drive

Every year games take more and more time, so removable media is becoming a more and more significant element of the gaming room. Especially if you buy games online. Constantly deleting, downloading and transferring games is not a pleasant occupation, so removable storage media can come in handy. Especially if your set-top box does not have a lot of built-in memory. Before buying, do a little market research, otherwise you can get a hard drive that processes information at a snail’s pace.

Wall shelves

Again, it’s not as important as some of the other things on our list, but wall shelves will help keep your gaming room clean and tidy. Leaving consoles, joysticks, games and other items on such shelves is much better than storing them on the table. Especially since it’s a great way to deal with clutter.

Separate space for Twitch

As you know, gamers admire Twitch. It’s the biggest video gaming stream platform. If you want to make a gift for the streamer, then create separate space in the room for the Twitch. It could be a perfect space for the equipment. At the same time, you should buy Twitch live viewers as a gift and give them more exposure.

Drawings and posters

Every cool gaming room needs to impress. And what better way to decorate it than to hang posters and drawings based on your favorite games, movies, series and books on the wall? You can even cover posters with the aforementioned LED strips to make them stand out from the crowd.

Collectible figurines

And again: this is far from the most significant element of our list. But just like art and posters, collectible figurines, toys, and figurines are a great way to decorate a gamer’s room. There is where to turn around, so just buying figurines and figurines is not necessary. Usually, the deluxe editions of games also include a lot of cool stuff, but there are also things like amiibo that can also become part of your collection.

Foot hammock

This is a question about comfort, so you may have already answered it by buying a good chair. But if it seems to you that your legs should be more comfortable, then take a look at the hammocks for legs that can be hung under a computer desk. This is especially important for long gaming sessions, because many hours of gaming will immediately become much more enjoyable.

Headphone stand

Good headphones are a key piece of gaming equipment, especially if you prefer to play online. So most likely you already have them. But the headphones still need a stand. After all, it’s better to have a spot where you can hang your headphones neatly than just tossing them on a table.

Lots of free space

This story is not for everyone, and yes, of course, it is not always controllable. But free space is simply vital for games in virtual reality. Almost any VR helmet assumes that the user will have enough space to move and turn their head. In the end, this is such a law of the genre. Some high-end helmets, such as the Valve Index, are even more demanding in this regard. Again, this isn’t always something you can do, but if you’re thinking about buying a VR headset, make sure you have enough free space in your gaming room.

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