How to encourage your child to practice physical activities

By playing sports, your child stays away from drugs, develops more intelligence, has a sharp memory and avoids obesity. Not to mention that living with other children makes them lose their shyness and gain more self-confidence. But how to encourage your child to practice physical activities ?

Here are some tips to help your little one:

  • Never pressure your child to practice any sport, on the contrary, encourage him and follow him closely;
  • Let him choose what physical activity he wants to do, if it doesn’t work, just change the modality later. It is very important that the child does what he likes and not what the parents like, as this can harm his development;
  • If he wants to miss some training, leave it, the important thing is that it is pleasant and not an obligation;
  • Walking is also a physical activity that can be done with you and your child.

Always remember that physical activity is very important for your child, but the focus is not on making him a “star”, but on taking care of his health. Through sports your child becomes less individualistic, increases respect for other people, channels excess impulsiveness and energy, encourages them to follow rules and be more responsible, and even helps their growth.


These are some tips on how to encourage your child to practice physical activities . The important thing is to remember that with sport the character becomes stronger, in addition to leaving people happier, healthier and willing to face life with all the challenges that arise.

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