How to Make Colored Nail Gradients

How to Make Colored Nail Gradients

Colored nails are always in fashion and every season is new. For carnival, how about making a nail gradient? Learn here how to make colored nail gradients !

The days of fun are coming and the bet is on cheerful colors for the nails. So, bet yourself on a different look and leave your look for carnival with even more colorful and fun elements.

To make your nail degrade, you will need:

  1. Varnishes of different colors;
  2. Top coat;
  3. Toothpick, nail polish and cotton remover;
  4. A small piece of sponge, preferably the size of your fingernail (if you need it, just cut it).

Now just paint with the color of the nail polish you chose, tapping it very lightly on your nails, interspersing with other nail polishes, thus forming the gradient. Another option you have is to drop drops of nail polish on some smooth surface, right next to each other. Afterwards, just mix lightly using a toothpick. Finally, put the sponge on the nail polishes and transfer them to your nails, as if you were stamping them.

If you prefer, there is a third way to do it. In this case, you will need to take a piece of sponge and paint it, using whatever colors you prefer. So you make a stroke with one color and then change the color of the nail polish and do another stroke and so on until you paint the whole sponge. Finally, stamp the sponge under your nails.


But beware! Carefully move the sponge from side to side, until all the colors are fixed on the nail. Then just wait for it to dry and apply a layer of top coat.

Now that you’ve learned how to make colored nail gradients , party!

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