How to make makeup for the 2021 carnival

How to make makeup for the 2021 carnival

Have you already chosen your look for the carnival? Not yet? See some tips here on how to make makeup for the 2014 carnival and enjoy the days of revelry, simply beautiful!

Carnival is almost here and it’s time to think about makeup, don’t you think? To make your look even more cheerful and match the party, bet on fun and colorful makeup. It’s also worth being bold, after all, the event is designed to unleash the imagination.

Makeup Tips for Carnival

The makeup that will be in high demand in this carnival are the colorful ones, with glitter stones and orange lipstick.

– Colored makeup: if you usually use a more discreet make up, take advantage of the date to be daring in your look. Apply a highlighter or light eyeshadow just below the eyebrows. Then make an eye bottom with a brown shadow, right on the concave line. Then apply three colors like yellow, orange, purple and pink, next to each other and from the inside out. To finish, pass black eyeshadow on the outer corners and smudge, mixing with purple and brown. It’s worth using false eyelashes and black eyeliner.

– Stones and shine: if you don’t want to invest in a lot of color, use a makeup with shine. In order not to be “dumb”, invest in details such as glitter stones. You can buy them at several stores where they sell beads. To apply them, apply a little glitter eyeshadow all over the eyelid and then make a thick line with your eyeliner. Remove the stones from the cardboard with tweezers and place them on the skin.

– Orange lipstick: with orange lipstick your look will be a killer! To be even more beautiful, just apply a light brown eyeshadow, very faint, all over the mobile eyelid and above the concave. Then apply glitter and make a line with eyeliner and to enhance your makeup, put false eyelashes. Then finish with an orange colored lipstick, preferably with a vibrant shade.

Since you know how to make makeup for the 2021 carnival , now just enjoy!

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