P-Type Solar Cells: Elite Solar’s Key to Maximum Power Output

Elite Solar is well-known as a reliable producer of high-performance and energy-efficient P-Type solar cells. Businesses who are looking for high-quality solar cell solutions often choose Elite Solar because of their considerable expertise in P-Type solar cell manufacture.

Self-Developed Advanced PERC Cell Structure: A Game-Changer in Solar Cell Technology

PERC (Passivated Emitter and Rear Cell) cell structure is a revolutionary innovation in solar cell technology. Elite Solar has developed an advanced PERC cell structure that unlocks higher efficiency and power generation capabilities. By incorporating cutting-edge design and manufacturing techniques, Elite Solar’s self-developed PERC cell structure maximizes the conversion of sunlight into electricity, enabling businesses to achieve optimal performance and energy output.

Bifaciality for Increased Power Output: Large Size Silicon Wafer and 10BB Design

Bifaciality, the ability of solar cells to capture sunlight from both the front and rear sides, is a key factor in maximizing power output. Elite Solar utilizes large size silicon wafers with a unique front fingers design, allowing for enhanced light absorption and increased electricity generation. Additionally, Elite Solar incorporates a 10BB (10 busbar) design, which strengthens the electrical conductivity of the cell, further optimizing power output and efficiency.


Elite Solar is dedicated to helping businesses maximize power output and efficiency. They are a major manufacturer of P-Type solar cells. Elite Solar enhances energy generation and brings about a breakthrough in solar cell technology with their self-developed superior PERC cell structure. Companies may take advantage of solar energy to its fullest capacity thanks to the 10BB design, which incorporates bifaciality and uses large-size silicon wafers to produce outstanding power production while increasing ROI. When you need high-performance, dependable P-Type solar cells to power green energy solutions, go no farther than Elite Solar.

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