Safra Financing Bank – How It Works

Safra Financing Bank – How It Works

The Banco Safra is one of the banks most keeps financed assets to individuals, Brazil. With an easy process and without much bureaucracy, Banco Safra Financiamentos has a special credit line for each case and need. One of the most popular options for individual customers is “CDC Fácil”.

As the name implies, CDC Fácil is an easy credit that can be purchased by anyone who meets the minimum requirements for obtaining any financing. In this modality, the minimum amount that can be financed is R$5,000.00. In addition, the purchase of the good must have an down payment valued at at least 20% of the total value of the item to be financed.

To make a financing proposal through CDC Fácil, the client must be over 18 years old, have at least 2 years with the company, and also 2 years of fixed residence at the same address. In addition, the client cannot have any type of restriction or disallowance, and the provision of financing cannot exceed 25% of the net income that was proven in the act of the proposal.

At CDC Fácil, the customer has a period of up to 36 months to pay off the loan. Another important fact is that CDC Fácil is only used in Okm vehicles and cannot be used to purchase used or used vehicles.

Even after contracting CDC Fácil, Banco Safra will continue to make your life easier. Through the website , the client can consult and print all payment slips referring to the installments of their financing. This condition is valid not only for payment slips that are up to date, but also for loans that, for some reason, were renegotiated.


To consult them, the client must access the page, look for the tab “Issuance of Boletos” or “Issuance of Renegotiated Boletos”, insert the number of your CPF and have access to bills pending payment. After that, you must print them and make payments at any bank branch or lottery shop, until the due date. If you have any questions about access to the system, contact Banco Safra through the website itself, or by calling 0300-51-1234.

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