Take Care Of Your Woolens The Right Way

Woolen garments are essentially some of the most easy-to-maintain clothes in your wardrobe. An integral part of the green circular economy, using wool has quite a few advantages. One of them is that the material can be reduced back to yarn and reused. This in itself has quite a positive impact on the environment.

Furthermore, with the global wool market estimated to be valued at $48 billion by the end of 2029, it gives you quite a few options to choose from. So whip out your best woolen sweaters and cardigans this winter, and take care of them the right way.

Read on to know more about wool care.

Why are woolen clothes easy to maintain?

There are various natural properties of wool that make it so easy to maintain. Let’s go through some of these properties before going through wool care tips:

  • Wool is stain-resistant. It is protected by a natural layer that prevents it from absorbing stains.
  • Wool dries considerably fast. These garments can be made to dry as fast as synthetics.
  • Wool is tear resistant and flexible. Moreover, it is elastic and hence can stretch comfortably over the wearer’s body.
  • Woolen clothes are very easy to wash.
  • Wool is also odor resistant. It won’t let you stink of sweat, since it absorbs and releases sweat more readily in comparison to other materials.

Top tips to take care of your woolen clothes

Here are some top tips you can use to take care of your woolen garments:

1.     Read wash instructions before actually washing

Always read washing instructions on the back of any woolen article you buy. For instance, let’s consider a woolen blanket.

You don’t necessarily need to wash the blanket regularly. Due to the natural properties of the textile, the blanket will keep itself clean for quite some time. Only wash when it is soiled or smells too bad.

All this will be mentioned in the wash care instructions.

2.     Use a mild detergent

Wool is a delicate textile. Using hard chemicals is going to tamper with its integrity, and will ruin your clothes. So, stay away from powder detergents completely.

Make sure you use a mild liquid detergent made specifically for woolen garments.

3.     Use a towel to dry your woolen clothes faster

This is a tip not known to a lot of people. Dabbing a towel on your woolen sweater or cardigan will help your dry them a lot faster. Since wool is so good at releasing moisture, the towel will quickly absorb all of it, leaving your sweater dry in significantly less time.

4.     Never use hangers to dry sweaters and cardigans

Woolen garments might stretch post-wash. So, make sure you don’t use a hanger to dry them. All you need to do is spread them out on a flat surface to help them dry faster.

Also, don’t forget to use a towel!

Wrapping up

A major contributor to a circular economy, wool is one of the most used fabrics out there. And why shouldn’t it be? With an arsenal of natural characteristics that make it so user-friendly, wool is the most obvious and economical winterwear choice.

On top of that, the fabric is fairly straightforward to take care of. So, go crazy on wool shopping this winter. Always remember that buying woolen garments is an investment because they will last a long time.


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