How to Remodel Your Bathroom for a New Look

Amongst architects or home designers, renovating bathrooms appears to be more expensive. That is because it comes as a supplementary source of beauty to the house except being necessary. This led to its industrial positioning in lifestyle architecture, resulting in higher industrial pricing thresholds.

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Remodeling bathrooms has attracted numerous applications in the last several years. People have started considering this space a part of their home, while it wasn’t considered this way a few years ago.

Architecture, décor and home improvement pay credits to bathroom renovations for a desired outlook of the house.

Due to higher costs, DIY remodeling and pre-planning play a vital role in saving costs and having your own choice of materials. An average bathroom renovation by a professional costs around $10,000 to $25000 for a single unit.

5 Things to Consider While Remodeling Your Bathroom

There are a few things to assist with your DIY bathroom remodeling. These considerations connect with your core vision. You must go through several architectural designs and clear your vision for the outlook.

1. Color theme

Color theme is one of the essential parts of your bathroom renovations. You should select an intriguing color combination with no more than triple tone gradients.

Selecting more than triple tone combinations forces the bathroom to overflow its vibrance; thus, it doesn’t look appealing.

Secondly, select according to the room’s color combination; having the same color scheme is not necessary.

2. New fittings

Choose what fixtures you would like to replace. Be mindful of a comfortable user experience. First of all, if there are some troublesome fixtures, list them for removal firsthand, then move on to have another replacement for a pleasant renovation.

In modern architecture, it is suggested to have a minimalist approach for showers and sinks. Minimalist designs look elegant and they are very simple to use.

3. Space

Be mindful of the space; numerous people focus more on instilling fixtures and forget about the standing/walking space. This leads to problems for storage as well. If your bathroom is small already, make sure to build a storage space for essential accessories.

4. Flooring

Flooring plays a vital role in the bathroom’s ambiance and maintenance. If you are renovating 2/3 of your bathroom, it might be necessary to change the flooring. It is because the old flooring becomes transparent by its unrenovated look.

Moreover, be mindful of the flooring material; numerous people have selected the wrong material and later face problems with washing and keeping the floor dry.

5. Lighting

If it is decided to have a new paint job and tile fixtures, it is also important to change the lighting. Lighting appreciates the vibrance and saturation intensity of paint. You should be mindful of light placement; placing the lights in the wrong direction is problematic afterward.

Moreover, light temperature around 2500 Kelvin to 3000kelvin is believed to be the most ideal. However, it would require appropriate shadow control and more bulbs to become sufficient.


Bathrooms are the most difficult area to get elegant finishing because it mostly depends on artificial lights not being exposed to sunlight. So, it is important to consider these things in an appropriate manner.

Paint jobs and lights are crucial in finishing your bathroom’s outlook. Moreover, selecting necessary fixtures with minimalist design and unique functionality would assist as a great source of renovation while being cost-effective.

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