The Best MagSafe Accessories for iPhones

The Best MagSafe Accessories for iPhones

On Apple’s iPhone 13 and iPhone 12, the MagSafe technology enables quick charging and makes it simple to magnetically attach chargers and other devices to your phone. Although the iPhone 12 launched the charging method, we anticipate that future iPhones will also employ this magnetic technology.

Your new iPhone is a hotspot for some great new devices, including official and third-party attachments that increase the functionality of your iPhone since it has basic magnets. The greatest MagSafe accessories include tripod mounts, power packs, and wallets.

Here is a list of the top MagSafe accessories available because there are so many of them and more are on the way. Some of them are formally licensed goods from Apple, while others aren’t. The primary distinction is that non-Apple authorized accessories won’t be able to charge as quickly (up to 15 watts). 

Although certain non-Apple approved MagSafe-compatible peripherals occasionally don’t have strong enough magnets, on many occasions, the absence of certification won’t affect how effectively the device operates.

Here are some of my favorite MagSafe accessories right now. Be aware that I’ve utilized every product listed here, if only anecdotally. Again, if you’re not worried about charging speed (for example, if you’re charging overnight), the unauthorized MagSafe device options are fine. As we locate new must-have accessories, we’ll update this list.

Magnetic chargers and Car mounts

With a powerful magnet that keeps your iPhone firmly attached to the mount and an included USB-C cable and cigarette-lighter power converter, the MagSafe-compatible wireless vehicle charger with a vent mount is ready to start charging right out of the box. Be aware that “rapid” charging for iPhones has a limit of 7.5 watts.

There are a few distinct variations of several magsafe car mounts, including ones for the dashboard and air vent. This version is not a wireless charger; it is only a magnetic mount.

Wireless battery chargers with magnets

The batteries, which come in different sizes and have powerful magnets that hold them firmly to the back of your iPhone 12 or 13, also have elevated coils that are designed to assist in lower heat levels when charging. It appears to work.

The 3,000-mAh battery is portable, small, and convenient to have on hand for quick recharging. But it won’t give you a complete charge, so you should definitely upgrade to a higher-capacity device, like the 6,000-mAh one.

Folding magnetic stands/wallets

This add-on can be used to hold up your phone either horizontally or vertically and functions as a magnetic wallet that attaches to the back of your iPhone (or case) that supports MagSafe. The attachment has a really powerful magnet, so it remains on your phone very well, and the wallet accommodates a few credit cards (you can squeeze in three with a little stretching).

Some models come with a powerful magnet, and you can use the retractable ring as a kickstand or hold your phone firmly in your hand. Your phone can be supported horizontally but not vertically. Other MagSafe stands to provide both options.

Stands for magnetic charging

On one side of the stand, there is a magnetic charging pad, while on the back, there are seven charging ports: two USB-C, two USB-A, and three regular AC outlets. When charging one device, the USB-C ports can supply up to 65 watts of power, or 45 and 20 watts when charging two devices at once. Therefore, the majority of laptops that charge through USB-C may be charged with it.

The wireless charging pad charges iPhones with MagSafe compatibility at 7.5 watts. Only Android phones may be charged if a metal ring attachment is attached to the rear of the phone and positioned correctly (sold separately).

Magnetic attachments for photos and videos

The new MagSafe choices are interesting since it may occasionally be difficult to remove your phone from its gripping mounts. Your phone may be simply stuck to the mount because of its magnetic attachment.

For people who use a MagSafe-enabled iPhone to record their own selfie videos for TikTok, Instagram, and other social media sites, there is also a magnetic phone mount with facial tracking. To put your phone in landscape or portrait mode, just turn it on. While you are taking a self-portrait, the pedestal automatically rotates as your phone follows your face.

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