The Most Remarkable Star Surfers

The Most Remarkable Star Surfers

All stars have hobbies. Some of them are more typical, like sports or cooking, while others prefer something more unusual, like playing at Casino Chan or parachuting. And there are many of those who enjoy surfing.


The Barbados native has been enjoying surfing since she was a child. It’s not strange, because the surf culture is probably better developed in the Caribbean than anywhere else in the world.

Rihanna enjoys surfing, water-skiing, and SUP, and her favorite place to ride is Hawaii.

Matthew McConaughey

One of Hollywood’s top sex symbols started surfing on the set of the movie “Surfer” in 2008. Since then, he has been fond of the sport and paparazzi often filmed him on the crest of a wave in Malibu.

Nicole Scherzinger

To a person born in Hawaii, and with the middle name of Praskovia, it’s a sin not to love surfing.

The former Pussycat Dolls lead singer is quite confident on a surfboard both in the Caribbean and in the open ocean.

David Beckham

The once-beautiful main man of the soccer world began learning to surf under the guidance of his eldest son Brooklyn in 2011.

After mastering the board, the former England and Manchester United captain put his entire family, led by his wife Victoria, on the board. And after he acquired Miami Football Club, he was often seen catching waves with family friend Gordon Ramsay in Malibu.

Lady Gaga

One of showbiz’s most extravagant personalities took surfing lessons in Mexico.

Riding the waves the singer does not forget about the epatage, sometimes appearing on the beaches almost naked. It’s hard to be modest when you don’t think you are.

Barack Obama

Another hero born in Hawaii is the first black president of the United States who demonstrated his surfing skills in his home country in 2008, when he was still a presidential candidate.

Since then, he was often seen around the islands with his wife and in the company of prominent American politicians.

Kim Kardashian

The star of her own reality show, the ex-wife of an ex-presidential candidate knows how to wakeboard, water-ski and surfboard.

Kim very often posts videos to social media, in which she is depicted on the water expanses with her numerous family.

Adam Sandler

One of the main comedians in the history of cinema loves not only to joke, but also to conquer the waves.

And in 2007 he even participated in a charity event “Life Rolls On Foundation”, in which Paris Hilton paid almost 20 thousand dollars for a chance to go surfing with him and famous surfer Jesse Billauer.

Jennifer Aniston

The star of the cult sitcom “Friends” was born in California, so her love of waves is, as they say, in her blood.

The highest-paid TV actress in history is actively surfing and SUP-boarding.

Robert Pattinson

The main vampire of our time started surfing in 2012 and has since seriously improved his skills.

The Englishman, by the way, was repeatedly caught on camera with the other two main characters of “Twilight”.

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