The simplest and easiest way to play Tien Len counting leaves online

Go ahead and count the leaves is one of the famous and familiar betting products for Vietnamese people. However, not everyone knows how to play in detail, especially newbies. Understand that, New88 has compiled the most useful knowledge on how to play, effective gaming tips for bettors to refer to.
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What is the card counting game?

Game Go ahead and count the leaves To be Card game trTraditions are very popular in our country, they originate from the southern provinces. This card game also uses a deck of 52 cards as a playing tool.

For the game to begin, there must be 2 – 4 participants, the player’s goal is to find every way to play all the cards in hand. Whoever runs out of cards first wins and receives the entire bet amount.

The game continues until the second and third places are found and bets are made. With simple gameplay and rules, as long as you understand the rules, anyone can participate. Not to mention the payout rate is also high, so it is considered a money-making product that attracts a lot of interested bettors.

Introducing detailed rules of the card counting game

Go ahead and count the leaves There are simple, easy-to-understand game rules. However, if you do not know this information, you can follow the information below to have basic knowledge!

  • When the game begins, each bettor will receive 13 cards from the dealer/dealer.
  • In the first bet, whoever owns 3 spades will have priority to go first. In case no one owns this card, draw a random card, the player with the highest card has the right to go first.
  • Players arrange the cards received by value from smallest to largest. In terms of suit, we have spades < clubs < diamonds < hearts, the value of each card is ranked in order: 3,4, 5, 6… Q, K, A and 2.
  • In the article Go ahead and count the leaves There will be special hands to note such as:
    • Duo: Only 2 cards have the same number and value.
    • Repentance: Includes a set of 3 cards with the same value and number.
    • Lobby: Only 3 cards have adjacent values ​​such as 3, 4, 5 and do not require the same suit.
    • Garbage: Point out an odd card that cannot be combined with anyone.
    • Four quarters: 4 cards have the same number and have the ability to block 2, four of a kind is smaller.
    • Double pine: Consists of a set of 3 consecutive valuable doubles, they can also be 2-chopped.
  • Play Go ahead and count the leavesYou cannot let 2 or 3 spades go last, it will be considered a 2 or blind.

Instructions on how to play Tien Len counting cards simply for new players

The advance game begins when the person who owns 3 spades or is designated to go first plays the first card. The betting round operates clockwise, whereby the following player must show a higher card to block their opponent’s cards, preventing them from coming first.

The player who plays the highest card that no one can block during that betting round will have priority to play 1 more card. Just play like that until you find a winner, finish second, third and bet.

The first place winner will win all bets in that round. The player who is cut 2 by four of a kind will be fined 2 – 4 more cards.

Anyone who has four quarters or a pair of pine trees cut down will have the remaining leaves multiplied by 2 fines. Points will be deducted for the person with a 2 or a double, according to the initial rules set by the house.

Share tips for playing Tien Len counting leaves effectively and easily to win

Although this way of playing cards is very simple, easy to understand and anyone can participate. However, if you want to win, bettors need to refer to a few experiences shared below:
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Learn how to arrange the cards effectively

This is an extremely important skill for you to win when playing games. Because only when you arrange the cards into straights, duos, cards… will you have an effective playing strategy. At the same time, be more proactive in blocking your opponent’s cards, giving yourself an advantage.

Judge and analyze your opponent’s playing style when playing card counting

Want to “capture” your opponent and come up with a reasonable card playing strategy. New88 recommends that you spend time observing your opponent’s playing style and psychology. Then you will be able to come up with effective playing strategies or psychological attacks, making it impossible for your opponent to react in time.

Keep important cards to play when needed

Holding large cards is a smart strategy, it helps you block your opponent’s cards when necessary, thereby creating opportunities to play other cards. However, you should apply them flexibly and proactively!

Learn how to control your personal psychology well and be stable

Want to play Go ahead and count the leavesYou need to learn how to control your own psychology well. Don’t let yourself be affected by any factors, always stay calm to make wise decisions, then victory belongs to you.

Instructions on how to play Go ahead and count the leaves in the above article by New88 Hope it is useful to readers. Wishing you to participate in fun entertainment, win many victories and valuable gifts.

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