The things you need to be aware before you visit Mumbai

Planning a trip to the commercial capital of India Mumbai? It is the craziest and busiest city in the country. Mumbai is the film capital of the country and it is not only that this happens to be commercial and cultural capital of the country. At a personal level I have been lucky to visit Mumbai both at a personal and a professional level. Before you visit Mumbai there are a few things that you need to keep in mind. So if you are planning a visit these tips could turn out to be helpful.


Traffic and Mumbai go hand in hand and it is something that you cannot avoid in Mumbai. No such concept as a rush hour exists in Mumbai since every time happens to be a rush hour. The population of the city is around 25 billion that is bound to have an impact on the city roads. Even the city has witnessed a massive rise in the number of people who own vehicles.

Just imagine the scenario when all these vehicles would be on the roads. Yes the traffic situation can be a cause of worry if you are a resident of Mumbai or a visitor to this part of the world. But whenever you are in the city be prepared that within half an hour you will not reach your destination on time. Keep sufficient time at your disposal when you are planning to move from one place in the city to another place.

Monsoon season

The city of  Mumbai experiences three seasons in general, that is summer, monsoon and winter. The months of Monsoon fall between the month of June to September, and it is better if you avoid visiting this city at this point of time. The temperature may be bearable but it is extremely humid at this point of time with windy condition and thunderstorms

If the rain is persistent, the roads would become water logged that is bound to lead to travel delays in the city. My personal suggestion is that the best time to visit the city is between the months of November to February. At this time it is manageable heat with the temperature in the region of the early 20s and 30s.

The people

The people who reside in Mumbai are referred to as Mumbai Kars. The people in this part of the world are a combination of different religions along with cultures. Trust me the people are as enduring as the city in itself. Most of them are friendly and would go out of their way to help you.

Suppose they do not know anything, they would be asking others on your behalf. One of the admirable things about the people of Mumbai is that they are hard working. Irrespective of their stature they are going to graft fully.


It goes without saying that Mumbai is one of the safest places for women in India. The scenario is quiet common when a women finishes work and then travels back home late. But just like all other place in the country you need to prioritize your night safety.

It is suggested that you avoid the cheap areas and opt for top notch hotels in Mumbai for your stay. By doing so you will be rest assured that your trip is safe and secure when you are in this part of the world.


The term does not mean bartering or bargaining. In fact it is one of the fun things to undertake when you happen to be in Mumbai. It may turn out be a daunting task if you are used to pay anything at a fixed price. After a few days you will be aware what is worth and what is the exact amount of money you should be paying for a particular thing.

The moment they offer you a price ask them for a discount. What seldom happens is that they provide you with a counter offer that is less than the price that they quoted in the beginning. They keep on reducing the price so on and on. Till the point they are not charging a high end price, you may be in a position to hand over the price. Do not haggle over small amounts as you may have better things to engage yourself.


When you are in Mumbai always drink bottle mineral water. If you drink tap water there is a strong possibility of falling sick. Even in your drinks it is better to avoid ice. You should also check the seal of the company if it is opened or not.

When you are at the restaurants ask the person to open the seal in front of you. When you are out make sure that you always carry a bottle of water with you. It could be very hot in Mumbai so it is better that you keep yourself hydrated

Street food

Street food is something that you are going to find in every hook and corner of Mumbai. A better way to choose an outlet is if you witness a long line of the local people.

If you opt for fruit make sure it is cleaned with bottled water first. When you are asking for a glass of lime juice make sure that it is prepared in front of you. Though the street food in Mumbai is delicious but you need to be aware about personal hygiene.

Last but not the least if you are in Mumbai you can fancy to buy anything. There are various dress outlets and stores where you can purchase the dress of your choice. Apart from this you can also purchase any sort of food that is imaginable. There are western food outlets in the city everywhere. But we aware that only a few restaurants in the city provide beef and pork. Try to be a bit adventurous and feast on the wonderful delights of this place.

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