Top-tier TikTok tips for big success

Top-tier TikTok tips for big success

In this article, we will go down to the best tips for TikTok success. Get ready for the most interesting tricks.

Tricks with geolocation

You can shoot a video anywhere, but it is desirable to publish it from densely populated areas. The fact is that if you are outside the city or in some village, TikTok will recognize your location and will show the just-published video according to the geo-principle. The more users are close to you by geo at the time of publishing the video, the more views it will have.


When adding English subtitles or English hashtags to the video, the number of views increases. This is because the English-speaking audience in TikTok is the most. This method works especially well with videos that have little or no text. English-speaking tiktokers consider such content “their own” and willingly like and leave comments under the video. These are the videos that always get to the top and communicate with the viewer in a universal language

Editing inside the social network

You can conduct an experiment and mount a video both with the built-in resources of the social network itself, and with some third-party application. Guess which one gets the most views? TikTok recognizes well how the video was processed and prefers native software. Therefore, shooting and editing within a social network gives more views and a chance to get into recommendations. Also try to use only trendy music when editing. The TikTok library has a list of the most popular tracks, such compositions

New account

TikTok is very fond of newcomers, so newly created accounts get more views. It often happens that some tiktoker’s indicators on the main account deteriorate, and he deletes it by registering in the system on a new one. This, of course, is a radical solution, but it often helps to quickly get into recommendations and promote a new account. To ensure that your TikTok performance is always high, follow the recommendations in this article and shoot only high-quality content. When you have a new account, you can start with a help from a trusted company! You can buy cheap TikTok likes from SocialWick.

How to make a good video

To shoot a video, you need a good technique that can produce a high-quality picture and clear sound. If there is professional digital equipment, it is better to use it. Carefully consider the composition in the frame, as any little thing can ruin the viewing experience. Shoot either in a neutral setting or against a backdrop that best conveys the idea of ​​the video.

Before shooting, take care of where and how the recording device will be located. You should be clearly visible in the video, so holding the camera in your hands is not an option. It’s almost impossible to get into the top with old hits on TikTok, so it’s better to add currently popular tracks to the video. If you are recording a dance, be sure to rehearse, record a “draft”, evaluate the recorded video and correct the shortcomings. We strongly do not recommend posting raw material or improvisations.

Learn how to work with a video editor: slow down and speed up the video, add suitable filters, special effects. The video should be rich, but do not overdo it, keep the balance. TikTok algorithms monitor the user’s behavior from the first minutes of his stay on the social network. The tiktoker recommendations feed is formed depending on which videos he likes and which he watches to the end. Gradually, there are more likes, and the feed becomes more relevant.


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