What is lottery numbers? How to play lottery numbers is impossible not to know

For those who want to make money from the lottery field, understanding the technique of playing lottery numbers is really necessary, so how to play lottery numbers? How to play the winning lottery numbers? If you want to learn more about this method of playing lottery, don’t miss today’s article Nhà Cái Hi88.

Lottery numbers – What is lottery numbers?

Lottery numbers are also known as lottery numbers, this is a way of playing lottery originating from the Central region, whereby the player will choose many numbers in a set of numbers to play, if one of the numbers is If selected to appear in the lottery results table, the player will win a prize.

To put it simply, lottery numbers are a lottery method that allows players to play many numbers at the same time. As long as one of the selected numbers appears, the player wins a prize.

How many types of lottery are there?

In different regions, the styles of playing lottery numbers are also different. To apply the lottery lottery method in accordance with the rules of the game, you need to understand all the existing lottery playing styles to find out. Give yourself the most suitable packing method.

Currently, lottery betting methods are divided into 3 specific types as follows:

Northern lottery numbers

The Northern lottery lottery is also known as Ha Thu Lo. With this type of Northern lottery lottery, players will have 3 options as follows:

Backpack number 2

With the No. 2 lotto type in the North, players will predict the last 2 numbers of the Special prize or the first prize of the Kien Thiet lottery, this way of playing has odds of 65 to 70 times.

Bag number 3

Lot number 3 means the player needs to predict the last 3 numbers of the Delta prize or first prize of Kien Thiet Lottery. This way of playing usually has a higher winning rate than the 2-number lot, with a rate of up to 400 times the money. initial bet.

Bag number 4

4-digit lottery also has a similar way to play as 2-number lottery and 3-number lottery, however with this way of playing lottery, players will predict the last 4 numbers of the Delta prize or the first prize of the Kien Thiet Lottery results in Every day, this way of playing has odds of up to 1,000 times.

Lottery numbers in the Central region

Central region lottery numbers usually have 3 types of play as follows:

Lots of winning numbers

In the lottery game style, players can choose the first or last number in the last 2 numbers of the Delta prize, based on the Kien Thiet lottery results to place a bet. If the selected number appears in the last 2 numbers of the NE prize, the player will win the bonus with odds of 0.8 to 75.

Pack of 2 radios

With the 2-lot lottery model, you will predict the last 2 numbers of the NE prize in the Kien Thiet XS tournament with an odds of 3.3 times to 1.

Pack of 3 radios

The 3-station lottery lotteries will consider 17 prizes with odds of 35.3 times.

Southern lottery numbers

Southern backpacks have differences in the way they calculate rates, specifically as follows:

2-number lot

Just hit the last 2 numbers of 1 out of 3 or 4 prizes, the player will win, with odds of 40 times.

Lots of 2 numbers with 18 prizes

The player will choose 2 numbers to play. If they win the last 2 numbers of the 18 prizes, they will win with odds of 4.5 times.

Figure 3. How many types of Southern lottery numbers are there?

Envelope the first 3 numbers

Play the lottery with the first 3 numbers of the Delta prize, if the selected number appears in the first 3 numbers of the special prize, the player wins with a bet rate of 500 times.

Envelope the last 3 numbers

Include the last 3 numbers of the special prize. If you win, you will win the bet with a payout rate of 500 times.

3-number bag of 7 lots

The 3-number, 7-lot lot has an odds of 70 times the bet value.

4-number bag, 4-lot type

The 4-number 4-lot lot has an odds of 720 times the bet amount.

4-number bag of 16 lots

A 4-number lot of 16 lots has an odds of 180 times the bet value.

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3 Ways to play lottery numbers that are impossible not to know

Below are 3 ways to play lotteries that you cannot ignore when choosing this method of playing:

  1. Use the memory method

The memory method does not follow any rules but still helps players win in lottery games. To implement this method, you need to see what day it is today, then compare it with the previous lottery results table to see what numbers there are, if there are double numbers or silent numbers,… Based on the basis This facility can provide the most potential number ranges, combined with other prediction methods to choose lucky numbers for yourself.

  1. Dynamic demand statistics

Dynamic lottery statistics to calculate lottery numbers is a method chosen by many people. With this way of playing, players need to monitor the algorithms in the lottery, dynamic lottery statistics in the most recent prize draws to choose. favorite number.

You can absolutely access reputable websites to get dynamic bridge statistics if you do not have much experience in this matter.

  1. Use the filling method

To use the diamond method, arrange the numbers in the lottery results table in a straight line. If you observe 4 identical numbers forming a diamond, choose the number wrapped in the middle of the diamond to predict your chances of winning. When choosing this number is very high.

How to calculate winnings when playing lottery numbers

Each region will have different ways to play lottery numbers, so the way to calculate winnings when playing lottery numbers is also different. Below is the way to calculate winnings when playing lottery numbers that you can apply:

Northern backpacks

Northern lottery numbers will be calculated by points, usually 1 point is equivalent to 23,000 VND (Some bookmakers will have different regulations, for example 1 point = 22,000 VND, 1 point = 21,800 VND,…) .

For example: You play traditional lottery with odds of 1:70, you bet 2 lottery points at XSMB station, the total amount of play is 2 x 23 = 46k, if you win you will receive 2 x 70 = 140k, interest received is 140 – 46 = 94k.

Backpacks in the Central region

Central region lottery numbers usually stipulate 1 point = 14,400 VND – 15,000 VND. If you bet the lot with a ratio of 1:75, that means 1 point wins 75,000 VND.

Southern backpacks

The way to calculate money when playing Bao Loc in the South is similar to playing Bao Loc in the North, however the conversion rate of points into money is somewhat different. Normally, the point rate in the South will be 1 point = 16,000 VND, Some places will be lower or higher from 1,000 – 2,000 VND.

To know specifically how much money it costs to play 1 lottery point, we need to rely on our winning form.

For example: Play 10 points of lot 69 of HCM station, the bet will be: 10 x 14,000 = 140k, if you win you will receive: 10 x 70 = 700k, the profit earned is 560k.

Playing lotto online: 1 point = 18,000 VND with a payout ratio of 1:95, the winning calculation is as follows:

Winning 10 online lotto points means betting all your capital is 10 x 18k = 180k, the winning amount is 10 x 95 = 950k, the profit is 770k.

Answers to some frequently asked questions when playing lottery numbers

Most players when starting with the lottery lottery method often ask questions about this lottery method. The following is a summary of commonly asked questions with specific answers for you to understand clearly. more about this method.

What is a master backpack?

How to play 3-card lottery in the XSMN tournament, under the main is a method of play that is applied more to lottery than to lottery.

In the South, the under lotteries are only calculated according to the results of the Kien Thiet XS prize, with the last 3 numbers of the Delta prize or 7th prize, while in the North, only the last 3 numbers of the Delta prize are considered.

How to win lots all year round?

How to get winning lottery numbers all year round is the concern of many players. To achieve this, you need to find for yourself lucky numbers and use them for a long time, of course the numbers This must have a high hit rate.

You should raise from 20 sets of lucky numbers, and should not bet more than 70 points in a day. When using the lottery lottery method for more than 10 days without results, you should change to another set of numbers or method.

Thanks to the high betting rate, lotteries have become a method of playing lotteries used by many people. However, when applying this way of playing, you should have a reasonable way to divide the capital, in addition to needing Choose the right bag style to have more chances of winning.


Playing lotto is not as difficult as you think. As long as you have basic skills and understanding, you can make accurate predictions.

In addition to investing time, learn more good experiences to make accurate predictions, this is an important factor to help you succeed in the lottery game.

If you don’t know Lotto numbers What is that? Please refer to the content Hi88 Suggested in today’s article, this information will certainly help you succeed with an effective method of playing lottery – which is lottery numbers.


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