YouTube marketing done right - we give you easy tips

YouTube marketing done right – we give you easy tips

We will talk about the most important factors to get a better position on YouTube. Let’s get straight to the interesting review of all indicators.

CTR as the main indicator?

But the hook is of no use if the title and preview (picture) is bad. After all, the most important thing in the promotion of YouTube is that you need to provoke a random viewer to click! Make him want to poke! After all, YouTube is not only showing you to everyone. That’s why you need to buy Instant YouTube views.

In addition to you, there are a bunch of other previews that stick out before your eyes everywhere and you need to somehow stand out from the rest. Otherwise, it’s useless and everything that you shot there is meaningless. Nobody even knows about it!

How good the preview indirectly reflects the CTR, you can see it in YouTube analytics. What is a good CTR? This indicator very much depends on how strongly the algorithm recommends you. And the more he shows you, the lower the CTR will be. Therefore, if you see a high CTR, then it’s time to get upset because there really are no impressions.

If a video gets a million or more views, it will inevitably have a CTR of only 2-3%. And oddly enough, these are good numbers! And if the CTR is high (from 7% and above), then this is already bad! So no one shows you! The narrower the scope of the topic, the higher the CTR, only the cat cried their views.

Some characters are furious and argue that CTR is more important than retention. Others are the opposite. CTR is also important, but all these parameters work together, like a garland, if one light goes out, then the whole structure goes out. That is, if the retention is low, then it doesn’t matter what CTR.

If the CTR is bad, then it doesn’t matter what kind of retention. If the retention is bad, then any activity is no longer taken into account, and so on. Everything is logical – how can you love a video that you have not even watched.

The question is not what is more important, the question is how many components are in this garland, and which ones we still don’t even know about. But one thing is for sure, the viewing time was, is and always will be the most important factor.

According to the latest data, this garland (satisfaction indicator) includes in total:

  • Topic Coverage
  • Watch time
  • Click-through rate (CTR)
  • Number of comments
  • Number of likes after watching
  • How many times did you click the share button
  • How many times did you click the “Save” button
  • Number of subscriptions after watching the video
  • The number of additionally viewed videos after watching
  • Availability of different sources of internal and external traffic

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