5 Things We Can Learn From Bird Flight Diverters

Bird flight diverters are iconic objects designed to help birds keep to their flight plan. These simple structures, made from various materials, are meant to be installed at the end of a runway or between buildings. This article, learn 5 things we can learn from bird flight diverters!

What are bird flight diverters?

  1. Many animals use bird flight diverters to avoid obstacles.
  2. Bird flight diverters have been used for centuries to avoid obstacles in boats and on land.
  3. They are now being used in cars to avoid collisions.
  4. The technology works by shifting the force of the wind around an obstacle.
  5. By using bird flight diverters, we can avoid collisions without using expensive technology or modifications to our vehicles.

5 Things We Can Learn From Bird Flight Diverters

  1. When it comes to flying, birds are experts. They use a variety of techniques to get where they want to go.
  2. Birds can use flight diverters to get around obstacles.
  3. They can fly in any direction, and they don’t need a lot of space to fly.
  4. Many birds use flight diverters to avoid predators.
  5. Flight diverters have many benefits for humans too. They can help us move around in difficult or dangerous environments safely and easily.


I hope that this article on bird flight diverters has shown you just how versatile these devices can be and how they can help you understand the principles behind diverter design. For example, if you want to keep animals away from your buildings, look at bird flight diverters — they might be what you need.

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