Debunking Myths About Motorcycle Helmets

Wearing a helmet while riding a motorcycle is one rule that you would think no one needs to be told. However, we do not live in a perfect world. There are too many people on the road who do not wear a helmet while riding their two-wheeler vehicles. This only increases the motorcycle rider’s risk level since car drivers have a protection shield to cover them in an accident. 

If you drive a motorcycle instead of a car, it is important that you understand the importance of wearing a helmet and how not wearing one can endanger you. That being said, there are certain myths and misconceptions associated with helmets that need to be cleared. Consult with a motorcycle accident attorney in Las Vegas today.  

Myths about motorcycle helmets

1. Helmets are only for professional riders. 

Helmets were created with the intention to protect riders in the event of an accident or a crash. It has nothing to do with professionalism and everything to do with safety. In fact, driving a two-wheeler without a helmet in Las Vegas, Nevada, is illegal and penalized. Therefore, you could face hefty fines if you are found without one. Professional riders use specially-made helmets meant for professional use only. 

2. Motorcycle helmets make it difficult to breathe. 

Besides being a myth, this is also a popular excuse used by many riders to get out of wearing a helmet. This is completely baseless and untrue. Motorcycle helmet manufacturers take special care to ensure the wearer can breathe easily and not feel suffocated inside. If your current helmet makes you feel out of breath, you can opt for an open-face helmet. 

3. Helmets impair hearing and sight. 

“Helmets block my view” or “I can’t hear other vehicles with my helmets on” are two very poor excuses to get out of wearing helmets. Both of them are not supported by any scientific data. Again, helmet designers and manufacturers keep various things in mind: sight and hearing. Good-quality helmets are not supposed to impair your senses. If your helmet is giving you a problem, you may need a new one. 

4. Helmets are not important for short rides. 

Every motorcycle rider is supposed to wear a helmet regardless of the distance they intend to ride. It is not uncommon to find people riding without helmets when they go to the grocery store. However, you never know when and where an accident might happen. It is better to be careful than sorry. 

If you were injured in a motorcycle accident, contact an attorney today. 


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