Find out the effective betting time and place accurate bets

Effective betting timeThis is information that is of interest to many bettors, especially rookies. So when should we lower our bets to bet most easily to win? Find the correct answer by following the following article from the expert New88 Today.

When do bookies launch betting odds?

Before learning the effective betting time, players need to know when the house launches the bet. Normally, before each match, the website’s team of analysts will synthesize and evaluate information related to the team, match,…

Next, from the collected data, they will provide bettors with appropriate odds and betting odds. The most common time is about 3 – 4 days before the confrontation takes place.

However, there are also other cases that you need to pay attention to in order to determine effective betting time. Specifically, for national championships such as Premier League, La Liga, Bundesliga,… bets can be set several months before the actual match time. Meanwhile, there are also matches that only appear a few hours or a day in advance.

In short, you should update the bookmaker’s odds regularly to make sure you don’t miss out on good opportunities. Next, we will apply experience from experts to deposit money at the most appropriate time.

Find out the most effective betting time

When playing soccer betting, bettors need to pay attention to many factors to close the bet that is easiest to win. This includes the time to bet accurately and effectively. Here, let’s go along New88 Learn more about this factor in the case of playing normal odds and shaking odds.

The time to pay down is appropriate for normal bets

Normal bets can be understood as bets given by the house before a match starts. These can be forms of prediction such as over/under, handicap, 1×2, exact score, penalty cards, corner kicks,… the first half and the whole match. So what is the most effective betting time for this type?

As we mentioned, the house usually sets the betting parameters quite early. However, that is not the right time for you to make bets and put down money. Because at this time, the rate will still go up and down, increasing and decreasing continuously based on the number of participants and the situation of the teams.

So, the ideal time is about 2 – 3 hours before the official confrontation takes place. According to experts, this is when the figures remain at the most stable level. Looking at the odds table, bettors will clearly know which bet is more dominant.

The most effective betting time is with shaking bets

Flutter odds are a special form of betting deployed by bookmakers to bring a richer experience to players. The other point of this bet is that it will be launched while the match is taking place, the two teams are competing.

However, shake bets will only be opened at a certain time and closed immediately afterward. Therefore, the most effective time to bet when betting is about 5 minutes after the dealer opens the bet. If you are “slow”, you will most likely miss the opportunity to receive unprecedented rewards.

Some things to note when betting on soccer


We have shared our experiences on when to bet money appropriately when betting. However, to ensure success, stay undefeated against the house and receive big rewards, please note a few more things.

Check the odds carefully and analyze the match situation

Before determining the effective betting time, bettors should analyze and evaluate the teams. The information you need to pay attention to includes form, confrontation history, starting lineup, tactics, kicking style, outstanding strikers,…

In short, the more useful data you capture, the easier it is for players to close the “fragrant bet”. Next, we just need to follow the suggested timeline that the expert has provided to deposit money.

Observe how the odds fluctuate

If you want to know what is the most effective betting time, players need to observe rate fluctuations. As we mentioned, these odds will be adjusted by the bookmaker most times before the match takes place. This is not the right time to bet because the data is not close to reality.

The advice for you is to watch the odds table continuously, usually every 15 minutes. If you see that the betting odds are no longer fluctuating for several hours continuously, make a bet immediately to seize the right opportunity.

The above article has answered players’ questions about when Effective betting time best. Apply experience from experts when betting on soccer here New88 to win and receive high bonuses as expected.


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